L.A. Times Daily - Jan 25 2007

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Clues Answers
"Hey Mikey!" cereal LIFE
"Late Night" host OBRIEN
"Mission: Impossible" TV studio DESILU
"Strange Magic" gp. ELO
"__ Gang" OUR
"__ of Me" ALL
Allay EASE
Allowed to graze, as chicken FREERANGE
Already arranged PRESET
Amarillo-to-Tulsa dir. ENE
At any point EVER
Bar light NEON
Bring to tears? BORE
Bull: Pref. TAURO
Care for TEND
Caterpillar rival DEERE
Continental capital EURO
Course with many angles TRIG
Diagoras International Airport site RHODES
Doesn't freeze MOVES
Drivers' aids TEES
Eastern discipline YOGA
Figurehead PUPPET
Finish line WIRE
Flushed RED
Frolic in the pool SPLASH
Glamour competitor ELLE
Great Plague of London chronicler PEPYS
It bought Kinko's in 2004 FEDEX
Its labels include Angel and Capitol EMI
Jamaica rentals MOPEDS
Jeweler's inventory GEMS
King of ancient Rome? REX
Last word? END
Laundromat lineup DRIERS
Move effortlessly COAST
Nervous laugh TITTER
Oater actor Jack ELAM
Clues Answers
One of the archangels URIEL
Online issue EMAG
Opera star Tetrazzini LUISA
Part of a hero's makeup? SALAMI
Place for an altar APSE
Previously unseen NEW
Pursue with bloodhounds TRACK
Rain consequence MUD
Raise REAR
Ranch head? CATTLE
Religious factions SECTS
Riskily off-base AWOL
Role for Ronny Howard OPIE
Sea near the Caspian ARAL
Sediment LEES
Sensory system components RECEPTORS
Shell guider OAR
Silver or tin attachment WARE
Soul mate? BODY
Spiny-flowered plant TEASEL
Squirt, maybe TYKE
Stats for Jeter or Tejada DPS
Stuttgart address HERR
Superman's makeup STEEL
This puzzle's perimeter entries are all types of them GUARDS
U. of Maryland athlete TERP
Under 20, to most COLD
Wager BET
Walks like a prima donna SASHAYS
Water collectors SUMPS
Westminster attraction ABBEY
Where Van Gogh painted "Sunflowers" ARLES
With 39-Across, this puzzle's title BORDER
Words of likelihood APTTO
Writing on the wall OMEN
Young boxer PUP
Zebra on a field REF