New York Times - Apr 28 1999

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Clues Answers
'It's ___!' ('74 thriller) ALIVE
'Quiet on the ___!' SET
'Whole ___ Shakin' Goin' On' LOTTA
66, e.g.: Abbr. RTE
Afrikaner BOER
Agreeable reply AYE
Apple eater of note EVE
Awestruck AGOG
Band-___ AID
Bill of legend PECOS
Breakfast fruit MELON
Canine from Kansas TOTO
Chances upon MEETS
Chopped down HEWN
Christmas decorations CANES
Collars of a sort ETONS
Common middle name LEE
Dark beer BOCK
Decimal preceder? DEWEY
Designer Cassini OLEG
Economize on the wedding ELOPE
End of the quip THROUGHSNOW
Fathead's excess EGO
Flourishing, in Florida? PALMY
Frequent title starter THE
Gave a buzz RANG
German sub UBOAT
Get a bead on AIMAT
Get caught up ENTANGLE
Gobbled (up) ATE
Groom's vow IDO
Hair color ASH
Ho hello ALOHA
Holiday song NOEL
In seventh heaven ECSTATIC
Just jots IOTAS
Kit and caboodle ALL
KLM announcement ETA
Mark down, perhaps RETAG
Clues Answers
Meals on wheels server? CARHOP
Milk deliverer's call MOO
Missing G.I. AWOL
Nonexistent NIL
Oceanic abbr. ATL
One of the Four H's HEART
Oversleeper's need ALARM
Part 2 of the quip SMARTERTHANDOGS
Part 3 of the quip TRYGETTINGEIGHT
Part 4 of the quip CATSTOPULLASLED
Part of a parachute CORD
Penny-pinching MEAN
Pitcher's asset ARM
Printemps follower ETE
Pursuers of 33-Across MPS
Put in one's two cents worth OPINE
Raise a stink REEK
Red leader LENIN
Renter's sign TOLET
Rise inducers YEASTS
Says 'When?' ASKS
Scorch SEAR
Send headlong TRIP
Shortly before? ERE
Siege site of 1836 ALAMO
Site for three men in a tub? SPA
Skirt's complement BLOUSE
Spreads, as cream cheese SMEARS
Spumante producer ASTI
Squid's squirts INKS
Start of a quip CATSAREALOT
Supper scrap ORT
Sweater letter? VEE
Teen tube fave MTV
Toaster waffle EGGO
Turn red, in a way SHAME
TV adjustment: Abbr. HOR
Violet PANSY
Where Minos ruled CRETE