The Times - Concise - Times2 Jumbo 407 - September 4, 2010

Clues Answers
1988 comedy film with John Cleese AFISHCALLEDWANDA
Abduct for ransom KIDNAP
Act of spoiling or impairment VITIATION
American revolutionary militia member MINUTEMAN
Anxious, uncomfortable UNEASY
Argumentative STROPPY
Beginning of combustion IGNITION
Blackthorn SLOE
Boat steersman COXSWAIN
Breathing out EXHALING
Campanologist RINGER
Causing mental tension STRESSFUL
Change rules unfairly during play MOVETHEGOALPOSTS
Communications expected to be kept secret CONFIDENCES
Concealing cloud SMOKESCREEN
Conflict recorded by Homer TROJANWAR
Confusedly twisted ENTANGLED
Despite that NONETHELESS
Diplomatic mission LEGATION
Disposable fuel container on plane DROPTANK
Don't fail or lose 16 ac HOLDONESOWN
English furniture-maker CHIPPENDALE
Former Middle Eastern ruler MAMELUKE
Gentle, submissive MEEK
Grown state ADULTHOOD
Head covering HAIR
Hypnotic sounds TRANCEMUSIC
Clues Answers
Installer of mains-powered equipment ELECTRICIAN
Iran formerly PERSIA
Kind, sort TYPE
Large Antarctic bird KINGPENGUIN
Like a bad dream NIGHTMARISH
Louis — , French bacteriologist PASTEUR
Magical potion ELIXIR
Major UK river SEVERN
Mediterranean shrub OLEANDER
Migratory songbirds STARLINGS
Movable place to sit in car or plane JUMPSEAT
Not advisable INEXPEDIENT
Parasitic insect FLEA
Physical power STRENGTH
Region ZONE
Revised explanation REINTERPRETATION
Sailor's call for attention AHOY
Severe; lacking comforts AUSTERE
Shaped like a roller CYLINDRICAL
Source of great wealth GOLDMINE
State of high activity OVERDRIVE
Trivial speech TWADDLE
Truck for stacking goods FORKLIFT
Tube; wind instrument PIPE
Violent outlaw BANDIT
Warding off AVERTING
Water to north of Turkey BLACKSEA
What one has left to spend DISPOSABLEINCOME