L.A. Times Daily - Jan 21 2007

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Clues Answers
"Hurry it up!" MAKEITSNAPPY
"Not another peep!" ZIPIT
"Outta sight!" ZOWIE
"Tess" star KINSKI
"The Alienist" novelist CARR
"Wait one cotton-pickin' minute!" SEEHERE
"__ be nice" ITD
1040EZ issuer IRS
1948 Literature Nobelist TSELIOT
1960s-'70s San Francisco mayor ALIOTO
Actress Gardner AVA
Affected FORCED
All there SANE
Alsace summer ETE
Aptly named spa city BATH
Article in Der Spiegel EIN
Asked for a hand? PROPOSED
Assigned to the dishes ONKP
Auto maintenance letters STP
Ballroom dances SAMBAS
Beatnik's address DADDYO
Big band instrument SAX
Black widow secretions TOXINS
Black, in Bordeaux NOIRE
Both Bushes ELIS
Bruins legend ORR
Bundle of bills WAD
Cabin fever, e.g. ANGST
Cardinal's letters STL
Cinque plus due SETTE
Common HMO requirement REFERRAL
Contract with America co-author Dick ARMEY
Cousin of danke MERCI
Curved arch OGEE
Decorated architectural section FRIEZE
Deep black JET
Demand EXACT
Donne's dusk EEN
Drilling equipment RIG
Egyptian symbol of life ANKH
Enthusiasm VIM
Evaporated DRIEDUP
Evasive CAGEY
Everycowboy TEX
Exhibit poor posture STOOP
Fannie __ MAE
Female rabbit DOE
Fictional Georgia family OHARAS
Fine horse STEED
Flexible fee schedule SLIDINGSCALE
Flower site BED
Fund-raising gp. PTA
Glinting toppers TIARAS
Grunts GIS
Half a record SIDEA
Harmonious DULCET
Has too much ODS
High home AERIE
Hip-hop's __' Kim LIL
Hook hand SMEE
Horror film villain MADSCIENTIST
Hotpoint rival AMANA
Ishmael's captain AHAB
Juicy fruits POMES
Jumping-off place?: Abbr. STA
Jupiter, for one GOD
Clues Answers
Lab alert YELP
Lacking face value NOPAR
Like rococo architecture ORNATE
Like some training ONSITE
Logical start? NEO
Lute-shaped fruit PEAR
Magic score BASKET
Make public AIR
Mall aid MAP
Mata __ HARI
Model born in New South Wales ELLEMACPHERSON
Mom-to-baby offering TLC
Mountainside debris SCREE
Musical offering PIECE
Musical syllables TRAS
Neatnik horrifier STY
New Age vocalist ENYA
Nissan sedan ALTIMA
Not easy to come by SCARCE
Not Rx OTC
O lead-ins LMN
One of the reeds OBOE
One, to 65-Across? HUP
Org. with an "Eddie Eagle" safety program for kids NRA
Per 2006 estimates, it ranges from 33 in Swaziland to 84 in Andorra LIFEEXPECTANCY
Perfected HONED
Place for choppers HELIPORT
Prog. interruption PSA
Protrude, with "out" JUT
Purple prose quality PATHOS
Put in, as ingredients ADDEDTO
Rabanne of fashion PACO
Raleigh-to-Philly dir. NNE
Ran like the wind DASHED
Ready for the frat party, maybe TOGAED
Releases, in a way UNPENS
Ristorante order RIGATONI
Robert of "The Sopranos" ILER
Seafood order PRAWNS
Sears debut of 1985 DISCOVERCARD
Short detail? SPEC
Simon Legree SADIST
Simpson trial judge ITO
Some are green TEAS
Specified SET
St. Louis bridge architect EADS
Stop running, as water STAGNATE
Stunned AMAZED
Sue Grafton's "__ for Innocent" IIS
They usually have some long lines SCRIPTS
They're out ODDMEN
Three-piece piece VEST
Time-consuming LONG
Took the gold WON
Traffic ticket datum SPEED
TV spin-off set in Florida CSIMIAMI
Uncle's equivalent? IGIVE
Versatile bean SOY
Veto NIX
Water under the pont EAU
Way to watch your garden grow TIMELAPSEPHOTOGRAPHY
When tripled, a story shortener YADA
While opening ERST
White House nickname ABE
Winkers EYES
Word with cow or dog SEA
Young Dickens hero PIP
Zaire's Mobuto __ Seko SESE
__ on the wrist ASLAP