L.A. Times Magazine - Jan 21 2007

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Clues Answers
"I wouldn't sit there if I were you," for example? WORDSOFDAMOCLES
"O Come All Ye Faithful" verb ADORE
"That's the ___ want" ONEI
"Which is longer, ___?" AORB
"Would ___?" ILIE
"You bet!" YEP
8 to a cell? TUV
A direction, to Diego ESTE
Abba of Israel EBAN
Accommodates, in a way SLEEPS
Alternate title of an Electric Light Orchestra song? VILEWOMAN
Amazon download EBOOK
Approx. landing hr. ETA
Away from each other APART
Ballpark figure? UMP
Bat starter ACRO
Best bunch ATEAM
Bible book EZRA
Bit of mail LETTER
Boss portrayer in 9 to 5 COLEMAN
Brokeback Mountain director Lee ANG
Capture NAB
Carry TOTE
Catch some Z's DOZE
Cinema beekeeper ULEE
Crete-born artist ELGRECO
Cry over spilt milk? OOPS
Damage HARM
Designer who popularized the "block" look? LEGOCASSINI
Dine a la koala? (think "head to tail," in the way that "Dunkin' Donuts" becomes "Unkind Donuts") EATLEAVES
Disapproves of FROWNSON
Do it wrong ERR
Dreamland acronym REM
El Misti's range ANDES
Elmer, to Bugs DOC
Eskimo knife ULU
Failed to DIDNT
Family CLAN
Fats Domino, really ANTOINE
Feasted one's eyes OGLED
Finished ALLDONE
Fond du ___, Wis. LAC
Fork over, with "up" ANTE
Form opening UNI
Foul mood SNIT
Friday series DRAGNET
Geeky one NERD
Given a second chance REBORN
Grammatically correct reply to "Who's there?" ITSI
Great dogs? DANES
Hex or pent ending ANE
Home invaders ANTS
Hopefully, it's fresh AIR
I, Claudius role NERO
Italian version of The Rubaiyat? ARRIVEDERCIOMAR
John who wed Pocahontas ROLFE
Kin of fury IRE
Knock dead, as a crowd SLAY
Lament RUE
Lasting, as faith ABIDING
Like birthday cakes ICED
Listening distance EARSHOT
Lively tempo ALLEGRO
Lives off of FEEDSON
Love affairs AMOURS
Margarita option NOSALT
Meager SLIM
Memorable mission ALAMO
Molecular oxygen OTWO
My first try at making a dessert? LUMPPUDDING
Clues Answers
Name for a discount sundae shop? TOPPINGSONADIME
Nasty, as remarks SNIDE
Neatnik's antithesis SLOB
Net watchman GOALIE
New Haven students ELIS
No and Who: abbr. DRS
No-frills BASIC
Oakland's county ALAMEDA
Oft-displayed vessel URN
Olive Oyl chaser BLUTO
One who can overact in any language? UNIVERSALEMOTER
Org. in The Good Shepherd OSS
Philbin sidekick RIPA
Pipe shape ELL
Platter player, briefly PHONO
Polecat's defense ODOR
Prefix with genarian OCTO
Preside over CHAIR
Pro ___ RATA
Project extension? ILE
Puzzling ODD
Rain in Spain, e.g. AGUA
Red river? LAVA
Renamer of Modern Maturity AARP
Ring sparkler STONE
Rose's team, aptly REDS
Royal Indian RAJA
Rub the wrong way ABRADE
Run ___ (feel hot) AFEVER
Sam Cooke tune, "Everybody ___ Cha Cha Cha" LOVESTO
Samaritan's offer AID
Saturn's largest moon TITAN
Scand. land NOR
Scopes Trial figure BRYAN
Seinfeld uncle LEO
Short notice? SMALLAD
Short-order pro COOK
Shoshone speaker UTE
Siberian river LENA
Silver and gold METALS
Singer Lenya LOTTE
Sister of Clio ERATO
Skirt to leap in TUTU
Skydiving discounts? LEAPBARGAINS
Soccer legend PELE
Some are inflated EGOS
Suggested amt. RDA
Sulking one MOPER
Take the wrong way? STEAL
Talk like a baby COO
The Nautilus, for ex. NSUB
The thin blue line? VEIN
Three Hams on Rye co-star MOE
Throw ___ (flip out) AFIT
Toy Story boy SID
Trac II alternatives ATRAS
Track events MEETS
Unidentified woman JANEDOE
Utterly reliable SOLID
V-shaped fortification REDAN
Violins and such: abbr. STR
Waffle brand EGGO
Warning wail SIREN
Where a speedometer needle rests ATO
Wyo. neighbor NEB
Yankee's nickname YOGI
You figure it out RIDDLE
___ crossroad ATA
___ water (cologne) TOILET