The Times - Cryptic - Times Saturday 24538 - May 15, 2010

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Clues Answers
Card game my granny passes about COONCAN
Cold and coming down outside, most important to button it! MACINTOSH
Combustible heap almost in centre of old monument PYRAMID
Cross, by pony, path a nun travels NOTAHAPPYBUNNY
Endless fat sandwiches in a row, soaking MARINADING
Grocer's combining kicks and hard work CORNERSHOP
It may be sucked down beneath cement GUMDROP
Labour Party unlikely to split? CHAINGANG
One due a letter from Split RENT
One lucky having fine physician as bookmaker FLUKE
One making cold call, having zero information CRYOGEN
Prodigious drinker smothering duff in jam BUMPERTOBUMPER
Put one's hands together for hit band CUFF
Report making little splash quietly cut PLOP
Clues Answers
Return fixture football team to play at last, no matter what YOUNAMEIT
Something to do with pudding topping, say: last of icing OVEREGG
Sort of protest rulers and numerous other leaders voice SOPRANO
Spade for one burying clubs and racket SCAM
Spotted small flier being lifted by lawyer in drag LADYBUG
Steal part of wall, taking odd sections PROWL
They'd cut a deal: it's in exchange for backing PITSAWS
Training ground gets old Premier League leader in trouble SALISBURYPLAIN
Variety of rose bud CHINA
Vault over piece of wood close to gangway cracking craft CRYPTOLOGY
Wells work daily, bottomless pit outside a church THETIMEMACHINE
Wheels on firm ground ram bottom of plastic canopy COMPANYCAR
Writer injecting element of great value into one murder novel DUMAURIER
Writer Kipling denied ever meeting TWAIN