The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 24493 - March 24, 2010

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Clues Answers
A biography covering end of romance with swimmer ALEWIFE
Baby twins, say, about to be abandoned MINI
Basic decision that's up for review UNSOPHISTICATED
Be eager to deal with expression of disappointment LONGFACE
Bound to be seen during festival? One Pearly Queen surely is EASTENDER
Duck on gloomy river DOURO
Everton wingers scoff about a shot taking effort ENDEAVOUR
Expedition leaders ultimately can't stand around HASTE
Goes over again changes made in treaties ITERATES
Governor's outings around British Islands HEBRIDES
Happy or upset about chapter on a set of disputed writings APOCRYPHA
He painted "Old lady with bag" MANET
Heck! Iris distraught after lover's beginning to be lecherous LICKERISH
I had one damaged boot — vote to get a set IDIOTBOX
Indispensable part of army is completely surrounded REQUISITE
Clues Answers
Lizard in attempt to cross floor after head's chopped off GECKO
Old note from extremely limited musical performance ONCER
On reflection amusing chap without sex appeal's desperate DRASTIC
Remaining newt protected by partner LEFTOVER
Retire from race after defending record DEPART
Salmon mate CHUM
Shrugs off Italian man from start to finish IGNORES
Sort of gent to be bred BEGOTTEN
Speech about form of exercise — running? OPERATION
Stalling of negotiations as one representative finds advantage lessened IMPASSE
State line briefly adopted by lots of papers REALM
Sweet little creature captivated son MOUSSE
Sweet, but does she rule over doltish types? QUEENOFPUDDINGS
TV channel upset about inventor EDISON
Writer's block is endless BARRIE