The Times - Concise - Times2 Jumbo 380 - February 27, 2010

Clues Answers
Above OVER
Aim incorrectly MISDIRECT
Argentinian dance TANGO
Ballerina DANSEUSE
Belief in a creator THEISM
Ceiling windows SKYLIGHTS
Cheerful, lively CHIPPER
City buried by Vesuvius POMPEII
Close by NEAR
Come together UNITE
Concluding part of book AFTERWORD
Contaminated, polluted TAINTED
Court order dependent on further offence CONDITIONALDISCHARGE
Deciding match PLAYOFF
Depart quickly SKEDADDLE
Exist in large numbers ABOUND
Extract juice from (eg, lemon) SQUEEZE
Extremely distressed HEARTBROKEN
Fellow feeling SYMPATHY
Fireplace INGLE
Flood embankment DYKE
Girl's name LUCINDA
Give the game away (3,3,3,3,2,3,3) LETTHECATOUTOFTHEBAG
Glue; piece of wood STICK
Goes swimming without clothes SKINNYDIPS
Gross fatness OBESITY
Immobilise a car WHEELCLAMP
In an outstanding manner EMINENTLY
Insufficient in amount SCANTY
Mild aversion DISTASTE
Clues Answers
Most severe STERNEST
Mountain goat IBEX
Not easy to understand UNCLEAR
Of boat (having overlapping planks) CLINKERBUILT
One sensitive to art and beauty AESTHETE
Outlandish objects EXOTICA
Pleasure seeker HEDONIST
Process of changing one's permanent abode RESETTLEMENT
Raise to a higher standard UPGRADE
Relating to four-yearly games OLYMPIC
Require, oblige NECESSITATE
Robot figure AUTOMATON
Scene of ball game SQUASHCOURT
Screening curtain; seclusion PURDAH
Sea monster LEVIATHAN
Sharp-tasting ACIDIC
State of world citizenship COSMOPOLITANISM
System of waste channels DRAINAGE
Termite-eating marsupial NUMBAT
Terpsichorean activity DANCE
Tolerant, lenient INDULGENT
Town on river Shannon ATHLONE
Underground prison DUNGEON
Variance of facts, disagreement DISCREPANCY
Water nymph NAIAD
What are used with rubber stamps INKPADS
What follows dawn SUNRISE
What lie below a higher mountain FOOTHILLS
Without assistance UNAIDED