The Times - Concise - Times2 Concise 5047 - January 13, 2010

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Clues Answers
(of door) slightly open AJAR
Act of revival from unconsciousness RESUSCITATION
Belgian capital BRUSSELS
Copy; primate APE
Decayed; very bad ROTTEN
Expression of disgust UGH
House involved in the Wars of the Roses LANCASTER
Ill-fated space shuttle CHALLENGER
Loch in the Great Glen NESS
Longing for the past NOSTALGIA
Clues Answers
Nought ZERO
Order to stay in at night CURFEW
Relative social standing STATUS
Republic of Ireland EIRE
Root vegetable TURNIP
Serving to keep safe PROTECTIVE
Thin sword RAPIER
Undoubtedly CERTAINLY
White fur ERMINE
With monotonous regularity YEARINYEAROUT