The Times - Concise - Bank Holiday T2 Jumbo 352 - August 31, 2009

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Clues Answers
(Singer of) the highest vocal range SOPRANO
A good deed (in Judaism) MITZVAH
A green semi-precious stone PERIDOT
A powerful whirlpool MAELSTROM
A star-shaped character ASTERISK
A trilogy of novels by Flora Thompson (4,4,2,10) LARKRISETOCANDLEFORD
Addition to main building ANNEXE
An alcoholic spirit originally from Scandinavia AQUAVIT
Another name for a capacitor CONDENSER
Author of The Pilgrim's Progress BUNYAN
Descend down vertical surface using rope ABSEIL
Design etched into a surface INTAGLIO
Director of the film Citizen Kane ORSONWELLES
Dull routine work DRUDGERY
Eponymous scribe of the Old Testament EZRA
Equipped with safety electrical device; molten FUSED
Famous Russian dancer NIJINSKY
Fictional creation of Mark Twain HUCKLEBERRYFINN
Financial assistance BENEFIT
Fine words butter no — (proverb) PARSNIPS
Flabbergasted DUMFOUNDED
Folksy performance by beribboned men MORRISDANCE
Gold-coloured alloy ORMOLU
Have a great longing YEARN
Horned animal; money (slang) RHINO
Inactive business associate SLEEPINGPARTNER
Island resort off Cape Cod NANTUCKET
Ivan —, Russian writer TURGENEV
Maximum distance across circle DIAMETER
Metallic element with atomic number 55 CAESIUM
Clues Answers
More accurate TRUER
Muslim inclined to mysticism SUFI
Of an epistle-writer; girl's name PAULINE
Old word for an oboe HAUTBOY
Paralysing device used by police TASER
Paul —, Swiss painter KLEE
Permanent and absolute tenure FREEHOLD
Person expelled from home country EXILE
Pithy extract from something said SOUNDBITE
Prefabricated military buildings NISSENHUTS
Procession using cars MOTORCADE
Protection DEFENCE
Rotating platform TURNTABLE
Sister of Mary and Lazarus (New Testament) MARTHA
Slender tube used in chemistry lab PIPETTE
Small hanging flap LAPPET
Technical name for a freckle LENTIGO
The largest city in Tanzania DARESSALAAM
Thick yellow conserve LEMONCURD
To raise in rank ELEVATE
To that place THITHER
Town within the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees HUDDERSFIELD
Two cards of suit (and no more) held by bridge player DOUBLETON
Type of ferry RORO
Type of long-grain rice BASMATI
UK Prime Minister (1916-22) LLOYDGEORGE
Using the juxtaposition of opposites (rhetoric) ANTITHETICAL
Vessel powered by water vapour STEAMBOAT
Without premeditation (2,3,4,2,3,6) ONTHESPUROFTHEMOMENT
Year book ALMANAC