New York Times - Jan 8 2007

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Clues Answers
'Ars Amatoria' poet OVID
'I ___ at the office' GAVE
'Little' girl of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' EVA
'Oh, woe!' ALAS
'Stop!' HALT
'Stop!' WHOA
'The Last Time ___ Paris' ISAW
1 + 2 + 3, e.g. SUM
50 minutes after the hour TENTO
After-Christmas shopping scenes CROWDS
Angry outburst RANT
Baseball stat RBI
Bend in the wind SWAY
Bringing up the rear LAST
Columbus Day's mo. OCT
Comic Carvey DANA
Computer storage unit, informally MEG
Cut ___ (dance) ARUG
Dec. 25 XMAS
Designer Cassini OLEG
Designer Donna KARAN
Do post-laundry work IRON
Folkie Guthrie ARLO
Having a bit of smog HAZY
Heartbeat PULSE
Heavy, durable furniture wood WALNUT
Heavy, durable furniture wood TEAK
Historic time ERA
Hoopsters' org. NBA
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
I.R.S. worker TAXMAN
Impersonator in 'Little Red Riding Hood' WOLF
Instrument making HI notes? UKE
Jacob's twin ESAU
Jai ___ ALAI
Just managed, with 'out' EKED
Knife STAB
Maker of the Rodeo ISUZU
Clues Answers
Male deer HART
Meowers CATS
Nicknames MONIKERS
Nose-in-the-air type SNOB
Not duped by ONTO
Not so much LESS
Nullify UNDO
Pharmaceutical workplaces LABS
Plain crazy LOCO
Relative of a quilt BLANKET
Ricelike pasta ORZO
Roman 300 CCC
Santa ___ racetrack ANITA
Sash in Sapporo OBI
Scalds, e.g. BURNS
Setters of indents TABS
Settled up PAID
Snoring sound ZZZ
Some boxing wins, briefly KOS
Stead LIEU
Think tank products IDEAS
Tobacco plug CHAW
Turn inside out EVERT
Unfriendly looks FISHEYES
Variety GENRE
Washed (down), as a sidewalk HOSED
Web address ender EDU
Wedding words IDO
Wee warbler WREN
What a 20-Across might say IMNOTBUYINGIT
What a 20-Across might say YOUCANTFOOLME
What a 20-Across might say, ignoring grammar WHOSKIDDINGWHO
Where Cockney is spoken in London EASTEND
Wintry COLD
Words before roses or lettuce BEDOF
Working, as a police officer ONDUTY