The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 24175 - March 17, 2009

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Clues Answers
A tot in short queue for kids' show ALADDIN
Advise leftie to keep remark short RECOMMEND
Become responsible for terminal, and able to depart INCUR
Chop I wash, removing an area of dead skin CUTICLE
Classical versifier filled parts of feet with power — this in Latin SOPHOCLES
Clear-out opening space to display Raphael, say ARCHANGEL
Composer, not one to cloy SATE
Cursing, catching horse with crop OATHS
Disaster as class make up for time lost in discussion DEBACLE
Discharge about to be reversed? Capital! ACCRA
Dog taking up colourful soup CHOWDER
Epic drama involved emergency worker PARAMEDIC
Extremely silly show without initial backers SYNDICATE
Fine political party that's often fought FLAB
Hero's academic works captivated university THESEUS
Clues Answers
Implores to move to London, say METROPOLIS
In a series of races champion has no part to play TACET
In town, the carpet-maker is ... RUGBY
Left a section without many words LACONIC
Old civilisation the founder of another backed SUMER
Part of the family giving news to us GENUS
Perhaps one held up to ridicule at last calmer after explosion LATECOMER
React badly to sugary confection, say — it keeps coming back BOOMERANG
Retail decision made — I'm extending credit ILLBUYTHAT
Silly fuss damages important cause STORMINATEACUP
Spread out neatly in gift boxes LYING
Strange — millions gifted to firm UNCOMPROMISING
Style of art in which silver's applied to new figure DECAGON
The last in a series of disasters that's left by building workers ANTHILL
Wretched people come to a district in Ireland BALLYMENA