Universal - Jan 2 2007

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Clues Answers
''Dear old'' fellow DAD
''I Believe ___'' INYOU
''West Side Story's'' Rita MORENO
A battery terminal, briefly POS
A ship deck ORLOP
About a quarter of a cord STERE
Advances LOANS
Alternatives to mobile phones LANDLINES
Animated fella FLINTSTONE
Apr. 15 addressee IRS
Arrange by categories ASSORT
Article for Alamos LOS
Certain wrestler SUMO
City transports CABS
Consequently THUS
Crucifix ROOD
Dinner course DESSERT
Dionne Warwick's ''I ___ Little Prayer'' SAYA
Disappear ___ thin air INTO
Discouraging words NOS
Docs prescribe them, slangily MEDS
Draw out EDUCE
Driver's inconvenience STALL
Dutch painter Jan STEEN
Erle's one-time rival AGATHA
Foundation garment of yore CORSET
Gas burners ETNAS
Greek letter ETA
High body temperature FEVER
Ike's WWII domain ETO
Insects in a transformative stage PUPAS
It may be pulled over someone's eyes THEWOOL
Japanese menu item SUSHI
Lake Mead holder, originally BOULDERDAM
Lasting an eternity AGELESS
LAX regulator FAA
Like ___ in the face ASLAP
Long-handled spoon LADLE
Magical wish-granter GENIE
Clues Answers
MTV favorite POPSTAR
Na Na lead-in SHA
Niagara Falls-to-Buffalo dir. SSE
One responsible for managing clubs CADDIE
Opposite of idles REVS
Opposite of paleo NEO
Orchestral instrument OBOE
Reached or bribed GOTAT
Refrain from AVOID
Ritual conclusion? ISTIC
Roast beef request, perhaps RARE
Rugged auto, informally ATV
Sched. approximation ETD
Seed coverings ARILS
Seed source OVULE
Shell competitor MOBIL
Show of affection CARESS
Sings like Tormé SCATS
Some practice it LAW
Something to scratch ITCH
Squirreled-away item? ACORN
Standard Oil founder ROCKEFELLER
Stay attached ADHERE
Stop on the PGA tour PEBBLEBEACH
Supply and demand subj. ECON
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Team in California LAKERS
Ted's role on ''Cheers'' SAM
They come from pumping stations? AORTAE
TLC dispenser LPN
Top corporate exec. CEO
Valentine's Day's signature color RED
Weasel cousin SABLE
Where 11-Down worked GRAVELPIT
Word for a male superior SIR
Word with ''parking'' or ''odd'' LOT
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO