New York Times - Dec 31 2006

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Clues Answers
'... ___ quit!' ORI
'All the Things You Are' composer KERN
'Do ___ to eat a peach?': Eliot IDARE
'I see!' AHA
'Love Story' author Segal ERICH
'Quantum Healing' author CHOPRA
'Yeah, that'll happen!' DREAMON
'___ me?' WHY
'___ needle pulling thread' ('The Sound of Music' lyric) SEWA
'___ new?' WHATS
'___ Said' (Neil Diamond hit) IAMI
1545 council site TRENT
1932 romance with Maurice Chevalier ONEHOURWITHYOU
1954 film set in 16th-century Japan SEVENSAMURAI
1970 Jack Nicholson picture FIVEEASYPIECES
1981 Alan Alda comedy, with 'The' FOURSEASONS
1982 Dudley Moore tearjerker SIXWEEKS
1983 Charles Bronson thriller TENTOMIDNIGHT
1987 Peter Falk crime caper HAPPYNEWYEAR
1988 baseball flick EIGHTMENOUT
1990 sequel to 'Chinatown,' with 'The' TWOJAKES
1995 Hugh Grant farce NINEMONTHS
1999 film set in the Persian Gulf THREEKINGS
About INRE
Actor with a mohawk MRT
Actress Daly TYNE
Arm parts ULNAS
Auspices AEGIS
Avian meat EMU
Bad beginning? MAL
Bank offering IRA
Barely beat NIP
Baseball's Martinez TINO
Be a make-up artist? LIE
Begins courting ASKSOUT
Blood line AORTA
Bring in EARN
British gun STEN
Browns slowly BRAISES
Bygone despot TSAR
Cable staple since 1979 ESPN
Candy holder TIN
Cape ___, Mass. ANN
Charged RANAT
Child's activity? COOKING
Choosing-up word EENY
Christopher who wrote 'Still Me' REEVE
Co. shares STK
Cold-blooded pets IGUANAS
Colorado Indian UTE
Concert gear AMPS
Copycat APER
Dashboard feature RADIO
Diplomat Silas DEANE
Director Welles ORSON
Dover delicacy SOLE
Ectomorphic LEAN
Elite groups OLIGARCHIES
Emeritus: Abbr. RET
Entangle SNARE
Fed. medical research group NIH
Feminine suffix ENNE
Feuding (with) ATODDS
Fey of '30 Rock' TINA
Fights BOUTS
Flamenco cheer OLE
Flamingo, e.g. WATERBIRD
Flip (out) FREAK
Gagarin in space YURI
Gas station adjunct, often MART
German link UND
Goldman ___ SACHS
Golf's Michelle WIE
Gridiron figs. YDS
Half of a 1955 merger: Abbr. CIO
Heraldic silver ARGENT
Horse handler OSTLER
Huge financial loss BATH
In a sardonic way WRYLY
In an odd way QUIRKILY
Clues Answers
Instruction to a chauffeur HOME
Instruments with keys MOOGS
It may go for a couple of bucks BRONC
It'll give you a lift TBAR
It's surrounded by white IRIS
January 1 events BOWLS
Jewish orgs. YMHAS
Joint proprietors COOWNERS
Jubilant ELATED
Junk bond rating CCC
Kind of harp AEOLIAN
Kind of test DNA
Knock out, say DRUG
Last month ULTIMO
Laugh sound HEH
Like a Cyclops ONEEYED
Low digits TOES
Madrid Mrs. SRA
Magazine success RENEWAL
Many garden plantings ANNUALS
Metric wts. KGS
More manly-chested HAIRIER
Most broad? HAMMIEST
Most loathsome VILEST
No more than MERE
Not liquidy HARD
Not play it straight EMOTE
Old cable inits. TNN
Org. for women drivers LPGA
Organic compound ENOL
Original title of Beethoven's 'Fidelio' LEONORA
Overthrowing, e.g. ERROR
Parisian way RUE
Part of E.S.L.: Abbr. ENG
Pause in verse CAESURA
Peewees RUNTS
Popular smokes KOOLS
Pre-Q queue MNOP
Price reader SCANNER
Prof.'s helpers TAS
Rafter's wood BALSA
Reasons CAUSES
Red fluorescent dye: Var. EOSINE
Represent, as in legal matters ACTFOR
Rob Roy's refusal NAE
Rock stats DENSITIES
Roman man UOMO
Sharp competitor RCA
Some accents BROGUES
Some cricketers BATSMEN
Some linemen: Abbr. RGS
Speedway letters STP
Springy dance JIG
Start of a spell ABRA
Stockholm flier SAS
Subscription card option BILLMELATER
Suffix with glass INE
Summer clock setting: Abbr. DST
Supremos LEADERS
Symbol ICON
Tail end REAR
Temper IRE
The Caribbean's ___ Islands CAYMAN
They may get into a jam GUAVAS
Thing in court RES
Towel embroidery HERS
Turkish V.I.P.'s AGAS
Twisty curve ESS
Underground network ROOTS
Unload SELL
War stat MIA
Wide shoe spec EEE
With 81-Down, tradition suggested by this puzzle's theme COUNTDOWNIN
Wordsworth works ODES
Worker with a chair BARBER
___ choy BOK
___ lark ONA