New York Times - Apr 8 1999

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Clues Answers
'A house ___ a home' ISNOT
'Forget it!' NAH
'___ Room' (Beach Boys hit) INMY
1938 Physics Nobelist FERMI
1980 Tony winner EVITA
29-Down role CHE
A lonely place, so they say THETOP
Ad dressing? SLOGAN
Andrews of 'The Mod Squad' TIGE
Architect Saarinen EERO
Baseball's Brock LOU
Before, once ERE
Big ___ BEN
Brave one LION
Brought up REARED
Bud of baseball SELIG
Calif. neighbor NEV
Campaign asset MOMENTUM
Certain camera, for short SLR
Classified inits. EEO
Cogitate MUSE
Comment around the deck? IPASS
Company whose logo has a red 'o' MOBIL
Drunk's tipoff SLUR
Earlier AGO
Exciting times in the N.I.T. OTS
Four-letter word OATH
Get better MEND
Gluck's '___ ed Euridice' ORFEO
Good dog OBEYER
Harden SET
Isle of Man residents GAELS
Kind of heel STILETTO
Last words? OBIT
Let ___ ALONE
Link TIE
Loamy deposit LOESS
Clues Answers
Midpoint: Abbr. CTR
Money writer Marshall ___ LOEB
Napoléon led one ARMEE
Not permeated (with) UNIMBUED
Noted director who acted in 30-Across with 35-Across SYDNEYPOLLACK
Noted director who acted in 43-Across with 35-Across BARRYLEVINSON
On a roll HOT
Opposite of sur NORTE
Orchestra alternative LOGE
Plant and animal life BIOTA
Plume source EGRET
Power stats RBIS
Precious DEAR
Push, maybe SELL
See 20-Across TOOTSIE
See 20-Across and 54-Across DUSTINHOFFMAN.
See 54-Across RAINMAN
Shady alcove ARBOR
Singer Mel and namesakes TORMES.
Slimming device GIRDLE
Some English students ETONIANS
Some guard dogs, for short SHEPS
Store, as fodder ENSILE
Successively ONEND
Support provider BRA
Tabby's mate TOMCAT
Tanks VATS
Terre's opposite MER
Terrible ___ TWOS
The rich man in 'Rich Man, Poor Man' RUDY
Wisconsin city WAUKESHA
___ Bator ULAN
___ Park, N.J. MENLO
___-wolf SHE