The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 23955 - July 2, 2008

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Clues Answers
A character out, perhaps, to make girl hide MISSPELT
A pro wearing long garment PINAFORE
Competition, once you put in appearance, produces record SEVENTYEIGHT
Dish containing lettuce the emperor hasn't grown? CAESARSALAD
Don's home from hospital, opening new almanac LAMANCHA
Duumvirate reserving vote for islander MANXMAN
Dying to put chaff into barrow MORIBUND
Empire imposing too much on sultanate OTTOMAN
Fellow arresting officer lifted gets time EPOCH
Fool longing to reverse nature KIDNEY
Guideline that critic of police investigation gives? YARDSTICK
Is listless Warrant Officer surrounded by family? SWOONS
Land recently emerging from floor really very old KOSOVO
Letters brought from Mr Plod sadly involving fine MAILDROP
Clues Answers
Lines due for recital ODE
Not just a place of amusement, but lead-free UNFAIR
Not the broadcast to limit length and scale, ultimately? TELETHON
Part of pipette acupuncturist leaves on one's bottom? TEACUP
Prop in pack bringing centre of scrum in a shade PILLARBOXRED
Pulse registered by princess in bed PEA
Team involved in bridge escape slowly drop off SNOOZE
They go off partner once tune is played EXEUNT
Trots, maybe runs: was already away outside HARDLEFT
Under pressure to do doggy impressions? Hide! PAPEROVER
Venetian former visiting FBI agent stopped from spying BLINDFOLDED
Viewer storing his fourth channel SEWER
Wife theatrically exaggerated setback WHAMMY
Youth forever exercises worried parent PETERPAN