Ink Well xwords - Dec 15 2006

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Clues Answers
#3 on Rolling Stone's '500 Greatest Songs of All Time' IMAGINE
'Encore!' AGAIN
'Funeral' band, with 'The' ARCADEFIRE
'It's either you ___' ORME
'Nasty!' ICK
'___ ever!' DOI
1953 John Wayne classic HONDO
2006 World Series winners, on the scoreboard STL
A French white CHABLIS
Achieve justice RIGHTAWRONG
Advantages EDGES
Airhead DITZ
Anime stereotype SEME
Art class outfit SMOCK
Bar mitzvah dance HORA
Barred bed CRIB
Big scorer alongside Yao, to fans TMAC
Bitsy preceder ITSY
Biz boss EXEC
Brain or ear section LOBE
Cable channel since 1972 HBO
Cheech of 'Up in Smoke' MARIN
Cowhand's nickname, perhaps TEX
Creeps JERKS
Dashboard warning, colloquially IDIOTLIGHT
Dove's sound COO
Drug that promotes male growth ROGAINE
Drugmaker Lilly who have spent over $100 million marketing Cialis ELI
Dubya, once GOV
Fed. movie org. with an annual top 100 list AFI
Forearm bone ULNA
Glowing remnant EMBER
Go astray ERR
Haul in REAP
Hotelier rival of Donald LEONA
Inhabits a character ACTS
It's always charged ION
Jai ___ ALAI
Clues Answers
Knievel who once endured a 29-day coma after a failed jump EVEL
Liable to get burned? FAIR
Losing tic-tac-toe line, perhaps OXO
Made one's mark LEFTALEGACY
Main impact BRUNT
Major eight-track tape maker RCA
Mandarin for 'wind,' and half of an arranging art FENG
Meter maid of song RITA
Modern Mac interface OSX
Mongrel CUR
Movement concerned with crystals NEWAGE
New Haven shade provider ELM
Old PC interface DOS
Pass something on, digitally FORWARDANEMAIL
Piquant ZINGY
Prepare to drag REV
Prepares for judgment day, in a way REPENTS
Project JUT
Response to a wedgie, perhaps YOW
Revenuers, for short TMEN
Revolver inventor COLT
Roll wrap NORI
Sacha Baron Cohen alter-ego ALIG
Show on TV AIR
Soft palate VELUM
Space Ghost and Zorak, e.g. TOONS
Stretch, as a neck CRANE
Substitute for butt tissue, e.g.? ANAGRAM
Sweet-talk COAX
Swimmer dubbed ' the Thorpedo,' to his friends IAN
Tape deck button REC
Throw on the floor? AREARUG
Tigris town: Var. BAGDAD
Trader ___ VIC
Turkish coin LIRA
Uracil site RNA
Wah-wah pedal maker VOX
___ the buzzer INAT