The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 716 - September 1, 2007

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Clues Answers
A doctor lifted handle for him AMBROSE
A rejoinder I composed having nothing in place RIODEJANEIRO
Activity centre containing extravagant bathing facility HOTTUB
Adult getting cross scolded XRATED
Any number with illness that's catching NAILING
Are our wet shifts waterproof? OUTERWEAR
Beauty queen maybe coming round Thursday to do daring assignment BELLTHECAT
Careless admission by supporter let out without pass? IMPROVIDENT
Christmas visitors we've learned wearing novel boaters THREEWISEMEN
Complaint from Your Highness ALTITUDESICKNESS
Conserving energy, I pen lengthy number? ICEAGE
Cook's discovery of drinks all on order NORFOLKISLAND
Cut short trip and so retreat northwards TOURNEDOS
Demand to tax peer raiding account meets resistance TALLORDER
Down beer when penning start of rough sketch BLUEPRINT
Executed skilfully, as wounded from battlefield might be CARRIEDOFF
Exotic dish reflecting a thousand colours TIKKA
Expert chapter by Thor Heyerdahl? CRAFTSMAN
Girl taking dip by pool the subject of story JEMIMAPUDDLEDUCK
Go through mountains to find army training ground RIFLERANGE
Good bread in fact stale STAGNANT
Greedily eat fish lacking taste or character PIGLINGBLAND
Have job finding deception in speech writer BEATRIXPOTTER
Incentives limit us, strangely STIMULI
Jokes about prunes by backward characters in tale FLOPSYBUNNIES
Judge, before archbishop, defending my character JEREMYFISHER
Legendary singer's given wreath by tradition LORELEI
Level happening to fall short EVEN
Look for Number Ten Lane's End in carrying out delivery ELOCUTION
Made early call: eight, say CREW
Clues Answers
Make money in back street, if orphan PROFITEER
Mathematician who smooths things in accounts EULER
Meerkat looked in regular places for fox MRTOD
Money for the new term COINAGE
New red sign is property of the firm RIGIDNESS
One in race volunteers to cover six furlongs? TAMIL
One let me see daughter kept in unlocked, smoke-filled room OPIUMDEN
One preparing to shoot lioness's tail's missing birds COCKERELS
One tapping vein not leading to the ear MINER
One to break football team spirit MANITOU
Parts of division moving east heading for hills EIGHTHS
Place devastating vegetarian with early closing LOCUS
Place that's dry and clean: York, perhaps DUSTBOWL
Plan to make weapon, getting cocktail stick out MANHATTANPROJECT
Popular composer busker never covers KERN
Post belongings, not seeing the end result AFTEREFFECT
Posts one arriving outside castle: he brings scant relief JOBSCOMFORTER
Push button and get on CLICK
Quiet compartment on train invaded by a racket READINGROOM
Ring that fits round barrel where cord was cut BELLYBUTTON
Scott's novel involves story most dear COSTLIEST
Steps in fencing excessive for repelling dagger STILETTO
Stoke's fourth defeat led one off the rails (3,4,2,3,4) ADDFUELTOTHEFIRE
Strong thread needed for racket TWIST
Superior business qualification put right in shade UMBRA
Supply Cockney demanding something to drink from TANKARD
Tories are keeping banker in fold CONCERTINA
Turn up ends regularly adjusted TRUED
Work of one in boots that are both too small OPUS
Wounded husky nursing a cut above island KYUSHU