The Times - Concise - Times2 Jumbo 244 - October 27, 2007

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Clues Answers
(Of disease) widespread in an area ENDEMIC
- Nelson, British admiral HORATIO
A divine rule COMMANDMENT
Act quickly for success! (2,3,9,2,4) HEWHOHESITATESISLOST
Altitude HEIGHT
An eye for an eye TITFORTAT
Attribute of normal screws RIGHTHANDEDNESS
Brussels administrator EUROCRAT
Called (to court) SUMMONED
Canadian city TORONTO
Cereal foodstuff WHEATGERM
Copying machine PHOTOSTAT
Declare (someone) free from guilt ABSOLVE
Drawing out (something) ELICITING
First letter INITIAL
Form of distilled alcohol IRISHWHISKEY
Gloomy, depressing CHEERLESS
Grand female singer DIVA
Green-fleshed fruit AVOCADO
Greeting rather like saying 'mwah' AIRKISS
Growing season SPRINGTIME
Handgun holder HOLSTER
Heathland bird STONECHAT
Ill-mannered RUDE
Important topic for debate ISSUE
Irish game HURLING
Kiosk for payments (to cross, eg, bridge) TOLLBOOTH
London mainline station EUSTON
Clues Answers
Make a great commotion RAISETHEROOF
Musical note; general character TONE
Night-before-wedding functions STAGPARTIES
Not intellectual LOWBROW
Not moving/working INACTIVE
Once more AGAIN
One opposed to EU growth EUROSCEPTIC
Part of tea service SUGARBOWL
Period of peacetime conscription NATIONALSERVICE
Piccadilly statue EROS
Pin for roasts SKEWER
Pleasure trip OUTING
Prepare for a difficult situation BATTENDOWNTHEHATCHES
Refusing to change opinion ADAMANT
Related to a particular subject THEMATIC
River between Devon and Cornwall TAMAR
Rough, harsh COARSE
Scottish East coast city ABERDEEN
Shame at failure CHAGRIN
Slender fibre FILAMENT
Stone-throwing weapon SLING
Stool, perhaps FOOTREST
Stupid; (of voice) husky THICK
Supervise OVERSEE
Synthetic resin ACRYLIC
Teasing chit-chat BANTER
Thirteen-a-side game RUGBYLEAGUE
Thoroughly soak SATURATE
Tree common in the Highlands SCOTSPINE
Yorkshire city LEEDS