Universal - Dec 6 2006

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Clues Answers
''Gunsmoke'' marshal DILLON
''He's ___ nowhere man ...'' AREAL
''The Spanish Tragedy'' playwright KYD
''When We Were Kings'' profilee ALI
''Zorba the Greek'' setting CRETE
Alpine cottage CHALET
Archaeologist's quest RELIC
Bamboozles CONS
Banded quartz ONYX
Beer type STOUT
Blunder ERR
Books review? AUDIT
Certain European SWEDE
Certifies, as colleges ACCREDITS
China's longest river YANGTZE
City near Dayton XENIA
Commemoratory meal SEDER
Cooped-up female? HEN
Counting game NIM
Country on the Arabian Sea OMAN
Crossed the Rubicon, maybe SWAM
Current event? EDDY
Cuts to the quick STINGS
Diametrical POLAR
Diving bird LOON
Double standard? TWO
Edge RIM
Elicit chuckles AMUSE
Endnotes? OBITS
Enterprise healer MCCOY
Fine net fabric TULLE
Have a financial setback TAKEABATH
Hedge arrangement, perhaps MAZE
Hockey stick wood ASH
Hostile party ENEMY
It may say ''Hello'' NAMETAG
Clues Answers
It'll help turn up a plot HOE
Kind of bonding MALE
Legal org. co-founded by Jane Addams ACLU
Like a couch potato SEDENTARY
Like swimsuit issues SEXY
Linen vestment AMICE
Med. provider HMO
Mountain climber's aid ICEAX
No Westminster contender MUTT
None of the above OTHER
Old-time anesthetic ETHER
Olfactory lure AROMA
Park pavilion GAZEBO
Part of a long sentence AND
People people CELEBS
Pour out one's woes UNLOAD
Primatologist's study, perhaps APE
Put on a new crew REMAN
Qualifying for sumo wrestling, e.g. OBESE
Reluctant LOATH
Romantic duo ITEM
Self-help level STEP
Small dictionary section ZEE
Some computer memory CACHE
Soup bean, perhaps LIMA
Stares in surprise GAPES
Stentorian LUSTY
Still, to poets EEN
Substantive MEATY
Surfer's concerns TIDES
Swiss trio? ESSES
Target of certain fees USER
Team races RELAYS
Tip of a wing tip TOE
Tit for tat, maybe? TYPO
Used to own HAD
Wetland MARSH
What partisans choose SIDES