L.A. Times Daily - Nov 28 2006

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Clues Answers
"It depends" IMAY
"Jive Talkin'" group, and a hint to this puzzle's theme BEEGEES
"My treat!" ITSONME
"So's __ old man!" YER
"That Funny Feeling" costar Sandra DEE
"Tim Russert" network CNBC
1979 Sally Field classic NORMARAE
Accountant's review AUDIT
Actor Wallach ELI
Actress Andersson BIBI
Admiral's service NAVY
Alfresco alehouse BEERGARDEN
Amo, amas, __ AMAT
Auto title ID VIN
Barnes & Noble ID ISBN
Beautician's coloring DYE
Belgrade native SERB
Byrnes of "77 Sunset Strip" EDD
Catches red-handed NABS
Cause of ruin BANE
Clumsy guy LUG
Conclude END
Corn unit EAR
Cubic meter STERE
Defense against snoring EARPLUGS
Dynamic leader? AERO
Extortion scam BADGERGAME
Fed. job-discrimination watchdog EEOC
Fender bend DENT
Financing encumbrances LIENS
Fingered, as an alleged perp IDED
Flirtatious drink servers, perhaps BARGIRLS
Frisk, with "down" PAT
Fuzzy, as vision BLURRED
Graff of "Mr. Belvedere" ILENE
Honduras native MAYA
How TV screens are measured: Abbr. DIAG
Immortal pitcher with an award named for him CYYOUNG
Important period ERA
Clues Answers
It's measured to determine body oxygenation BLOODGAS
Judicial seat BANC
Knock for a loop STUN
Legal action SUIT
Like Gen. Powell RET
Mo. without a holiday AUG
Much religious teaching DOGMA
Musical silences RESTS
Mystical emanation AURA
Narrow inlet RIA
Nine: Prefix ENNEA
Noble act, in Nantes BEAUGESTE
Notion IDEA
Popular brand of barbecue grill WEBER
Puts two and two together ADDS
Russian fighter MIG
Sewing case ETUI
Simple fellow of rhyme SIMON
Sinatra, vocally BARITONE
St. Patrick's land EIRE
State in which Craters of the Moon monument is located IDAHO
Steinway product BABYGRAND
Stereotypical black-hat wearers BADGUYS
These may be sown by indiscreet youth WILDOATS
To the point TERSE
Tripoli is its capital LIBYA
Tyrolean refrain YODEL
U.S. output measure GNP
Varied mixture OLIO
Vert. counterpart, on old TVs HOR
VW forerunners? RSTU
War god ARES
Wedded state? BLISS
Winglike parts ALAE
Woman on stage ACTRESS
Words before tree or lazy river UPA
Yin's opposite YANG
__ chi TAI
__ Perignon DOM
__-Japanese War SINO