USA Today - Nov 28 2006

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Clues Answers
''Adam-12'' org. LAPD
''L.A. Law'' cast member DEY
''Mamma Mia'' group ABBA
''Terrific!'' FINEANDDANDY
''Yes'' or ''no'' follower SIREE
Advertiser SPONSOR
Aleut relative INUIT
Basic fencing technique LUNGE
Benito's bone OSSO
Bring action against SUE
Contend against TAKEON
Deck hands CREW
Defaulted auto REPO
Disapproving sounds TSKS
Eldest of the Brady boys GREG
Emulate a banshee WAIL
Emulated a wild horse REARED
Ending for schnozz or pay OLA
Entrap SNARE
Faux pas, e.g. SLIP
Feral shelter DEN
Fireplace shelf HOB
Florentine angel's instrument ARPA
Former capital of the Incan empire CUZCO
Frosted ICED
Genesis grandchild ENOS
Genetic letters RNA
Getaway, barely NARROWESCAPE
Great time BLAST
Groove in a board DADO
Hotbed for baby bloomers NURSERY
Ill-fated Houston company ENRON
Judge to be probable RECKON
Kid's transport BIKE
Lad's mate LASS
Like a yenta NOSY
Like many skiing events ALPINE
McDonald's magnate Ray KROC
Clues Answers
Mid-month, to Caesar IDES
Most luxurious POSHEST
Muffin choice BRAN
Negotiate with much give and take HORSETRADE
Not much left to choose from SLIMPICKINGS
Now, about . . . ASTO
Of a previous time AGO
On ___ with APAR
One-time intl. airline PANAM
Paged (through) LEAFED
Pen sounds OINKS
Perfect serves ACES
Period of unrestrained criticism OPENSEASON
Piquance ZEST
Poetic tributes ODES
Precollege, for short ELHI
Punch type ONETWO
Relative of a wharf QUAY
River bordering Lusatia ODER
Shabby dwelling SHANTY
Sis' sib BRO
Slammer POKY
South American rodent PACA
Squeak-stopping application OIL
Steps in ENTERS
Talk like a toper SLUR
Tell all BLAB
They may be sunny-side up YOLKS
Title NAME
Token concealment THINDISGUISE
UK award OBE
Vail visitors SKIERS
Vehicles mounted on low runners SLEDGES
What you count after gambling badly LOSSES
Wheel type MAG
Word with ''bomb'' or ''vice'' SQUAD
Young '___ (Dogpatch tykes) UNS
___-mo SLO