L.A. Times Daily - Nov 26 2006

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Clues Answers
"... two fives for __?" ATEN
"Amo, Amas, I Love __" ALASS
"Embraced by the Light" author EADIE
"Guess so" ISUPPOSE
"I'm freeeeeezing!" BRRR
"No damage" IMOKAY
"Que __ ..." SERA
"Son of" film, e.g.: Abbr. SEQ
"You __ heard nothin' yet" AINT
"You're No Good" singer RONSTADT
'50s monogram DDE
1945 battle zone OKINAWA
A little tardy LATISH
Abandons MAROONS
Actor Ayres LEW
Afternoon services TEASETS
Airline once controlled by Howard Hughes TWA
Airport info ETA
Ancient astronomer who wrote the "Almagest" PTOLEMY
Animal handler TAMER
Are loath to DARENOT
Arrived most recently CAMELAST
Backboard attachment RIM
Bam cousin POW
Belted, biblically SMOTE
Blow the whistle RAT
Boise-to-Portland dir. WNW
Both pros and amateurs may be in one OPEN
Brief time out? NAP
Brit. decorations DSOS
Brother of Ham and Japheth SHEM
Bugged by a bug ILL
Caesar et al. SIDS
Capital of ancient Macedonia PELLA
Carrier to Oslo SAS
Cattail setting MARSH
Central parts NUCLEI
Certify ATTEST
City liberated by Joan of Arc ORLEANS
Clean-whistle link ASA
Coiled Western gear REATAS
Coll. dorm figures RAS
Coming up ONTAP
Commands respect from AWES
Contemporary of Dizzy and Billie ELLA
Contents of some sacs OVA
Cookout cut RIB
Cork's country EIRE
Cosmetic goop GELEE
Cricket call CHIRP
Czech or Croat SLAV
Daffy, e.g. TOON
Davis who eulogized Malcolm X OSSIE
Deli dish EGGSALAD
Dietary data, in brief RDAS
Dreams of HOPESFOR
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Eastern way TAO
Fair to middling SOSO
Fairy queen described by Mercutio MAB
Fishing for tarpon, e.g. ASEA
Focus of TV's "Trading Spaces" DECOR
French salutation MESAMIS
Gave birth, as a ewe LAMBED
Golden St. collegian UCLAN
Hagen of the stage UTA
Hardly svelte OBESE
Clues Answers
High-fiber food BRAN
Hosp. diagnostics MRIS
House minority leader since 2002 PELOSI
Hr. part MIN
Humphrey's "The Barefoot Contessa" costar AVA
Increased-clarity syst. HDTV
Indian tourist destination AGRA
Joker portrayer Romero CESAR
Kind of description GENERAL
Kindergarten lesson ALPHABET
Legal encumbrances LIENS
Like some buckets OAKEN
Lines of thought? EEGS
Little helper ELF
Little Italian number TRE
Lola's nightclub COPA
Longtime Richard Petty sponsor STP
Looks bored YAWNS
Matador's opponent ELTORO
Mercedes model ECLASS
More like a schoolmarm PRISSIER
Mr. Bill enemy, on old "SNL" shows SLUGGO
Natl. park sights RVS
Nielsen concern TVAUDIENCE
Not very bright DRAB
Numbered works OPUSES
Ode title starter TOA
OED listing DEF
One in a shower METEOR
One in agreement YEASAYER
One of the Cyclades IOS
One twixt 12 and 20 TEENER
One with a six-yr. term SEN
Opera set on Cyprus OTELLO
Org. overseeing biennial games IOC
Page with views OPED
Pilsner alternative ALE
Prefix with distant EQUI
Reach accord on AGREETO
Red selection CLARET
Red-bearded god THOR
Revolver? PLANET
Run easily LOPE
Same old same-old RUT
She gave Odysseus a magic veil INO
Shoot for the moon THINKBIG
Shooting marble STEELIE
Short short-order order BLT
Simple radio antenna DIPOLE
Six-time Emmy winner Daly TYNE
Slip by ELUDE
Some lawns SOD
Somewhat ABIT
Suffix with Capri OTE
That ole boy's HISN
Thing to do TASK
Throw off EMIT
Tightly drawn TAUT
Tiny amount IOTA
Type ILK
Ukr. or Lith., once SSR
Weekly "Whew!" TGIF
Went to lunch, say STEPPEDOUT
Yale senior society since 1903 ELIHU