- Nov 26 2006

Clues Answers
''A Confederacy of Dunces'' novelist TOOLE
''Bus Stop'' playwright INGE
''Don Giovanni'' composer MOZART
''Star Trek'' doctor MCCOY
''The Charge of the Light Brigade'' poet TENNYSON
Acct. posting INT
Actor Edward James OLMOS
Affirm AVER
Amazing occurences MIRACLES
Apply the brake SLOW
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Attention getter AHEM
Author Elmore LEONARD
Axle, essentially ROD
Batting place CAGE
Be unwell AIL
Become unclear BLUR
Betting setting ATLANTICCITY
Blend together MERGE
Blend together MELD
Brewery containers VATS
Cabbage product SLAW
Calais' country FRANCE
California city SANTACRUZ
Capital on Hispaniola SANTODOMINGO
Cartoonist Keane BIL
CBS rival NBC
Certain sense SMELL
Certain vibe AURA
Chew noisily MUNCH
Chop up MINCE
Chris of tennis EVERT
Confused ATSEA
Country-style RURAL
Cross the plate SCORE
Crude shelters SHANTIES
Dagwood's dog DAISY
Day's halfway point NOON
Diet word LITE
Dramatic device ASIDE
Drescher of TV FRAN
Drummer Gene KRUPA
Egret's hangout MARSH
Enthusiastic review RAVE
Fairway flaw DIVOT
Fine fabric SILK
Fish features FINS
Flower of society ELITE
Flying start? AERO
Foe of Troy AJAX
Folds in ADDS
Folk singer Phil OCHS
Former ring king ALI
Ft. Myers clock setting EST
Fuel from plants PEAT
Gas-pump numbers OCTANES
Gives the thumbs up OKAYS
Gnaw into RANKLE
Goes (for) OPTS
Goofed ERRED
Grain husk BRAN
Greeting HELLO
Gusto ZEST
Hair port SALON
Hard currency CASH
Hispanic shops BODEGAS
Ice, as a cake FROST
In a calm fashion PLACIDLY
Indian prince RAJAH
It's between Can. and Mex. USA
Clues Answers
Italian city TURIN
Japanese-American NISEI
Jobs of Silicon Valley STEVE
Lady Thatcher MARGARET
Legal document LEASE
Lift up HOIST
Location of 1 Down SANANTONIO
Main artery AORTA
Mary-Kate or Ashley OLSEN
Massachusetts island NANTUCKET
Memorable mission ALAMO
Mideast airline ELAL
Muse of poetry ERATO
Mythical weeper NIOBE
Norwegian city OSLO
Oklahoma city ENID
On deck NEXT
Pilgrims' destination CANTERBURY
Place for a Parliament OTTAWA
Places to bowl LANES
Playground retort IAMSO
Poetic ''soon'' ANON
Popular beans SOYAS
Prefix for classical NEO
Pricey boat YACHT
Remove, as wrapping UNDO
Reverend Jackson JESSE
Rocky hill TOR
Roof edge EAVE
Ruination HAVOC
Ryan of baseball NOLAN
Ryan of films ONEAL
Say what's not so LIE
Secy., for one ASST
Sentry's shout HALT
Seth's son ENOS
Shadow box SPAR
Single performances SOLOS
Small songbird VIREO
Soft cheese BRIE
Sore spot ACHE
Speed up HASTEN
Spread out FANNED
Story's point MORAL
Stuck-up SMUG
Summer acquisition TAN
Swedish money KRONA
Take off the shelf USE
Take to the sky SOAR
Tax assessment LEVY
Tiny creature AMEBA
Units of force DYNES
Used a pair of paddles OARED
Vacation destination SPA
Value greatly PRIZE
Very long time EON
Volcanic output LAVA
Was in store for AWAITED
Wedding walk AISLE
West Virginia city MORGANTOWN
Where Mongolia is ASIA
Whoops it up to excess RIOTS
Wife of Jason MEDEA
Winter wear TWEEDS
Wraps closed, as a flag FURLS
Write carelessly SCRIBBLE
Writer Fleming IAN
__ a soul (no one) NARY
__ carte ALA
__-garde AVANT