L.A. Times Daily - Nov 25 2006

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Clues Answers
"Driving Miss Daisy" author UHRY
"Yeah, right!" ASIF
1989 Radio Hall of Fame inductee IMUS
1992 New Hampshire Democratic primary winner TSONGAS
Agreement SYNC
Arcade offerings ELECTRONICGAMES
Arena support RAH
Barn newcomer OWLET
Baseball Hall of Famer Cap ANSON
Blanchett of "Elizabeth" CATE
Choice PRIME
Convinces SELLS
Crescent shape LUNE
Darned spot TOE
Defense org. since November 2001 TSA
Desserts reputedly named in honor of Czar Alexander I CHARLOTTERUSSES
Euler, for one SWISS
Former Mexican president Zedillo ERNESTO
Gathering suffix FEST
Got to without delay MADEABEELINEFOR
Growl GNAR
Guanabara Bay city RIO
Iridescent mineral OPAL
It's usually smaller than a denomination SECT
Johann __, 16th-century defender of Catholicism ECK
Latest NEWS
Leader wearing a kaffiyeh EMEER
Left during the regatta? PORT
Loamy deposit LOESS
Loses on purpose, maybe DIETS
Mathematician Lovelace ADA
Clues Answers
Most preferred, in chat room slang FAV
Not a company man? LONER
Official New York State reptiles SNAPPINGTURTLES
Org. concerned with rackets USTA
Palm starch SAGO
Realistic competitive philosophy WINSOMELOSESOME
Reclusive fictional captain NEMO
Romance WOO
Sailor's weapon of yore CUTLASS
Sales force REPS
Score symbol GCLEF
Secluded area GLEN
Secret Chinese society TONG
SHO subsidiary TMC
Sites for body work? ORS
Stalactite sites CAVERNS
Station AIRER
Street in a W.C. Handy title BEALE
Suppositions IFS
They may be polar: Abbr. OPPS
Today's fare, perhaps TURKEYLEFTOVERS
Trade item? TOOL
Transgresses ERRS
Tuna catcher NET
Under covers ABED
Underwater power source? EEL
Wash. setting PST
Work undercover, in a way TRAVELINCOGNITO
World Series game POKER
WWI soldier POILU
__ Dei AGNUS
__ jet: Aviva sled SNO