Universal - Nov 25 2006

Clues Answers
''It's over and done with!'' THATSTHAT
''No kidding, stupid!'' DUH
''Private Lives'' playwright Coward NOEL
''The First Time ___ Saw Your Face'' EVERI
''___ and the King of Siam'' ANNA
''___ the ramparts ...'' OER
''___ upon a time ...'' ONCE
Apple offering IMAC
At full speed, once AMAIN
Book after Gal. EPH
Cassava root MANIOC
Chocolate candy brand RIESEN
Choose representatives ELECT
Cigar ends? ETTES
Classic role for Ingrid ILSA
Connective tissue SINEW
Critique, as a film REVIEW
Crooner ___ King Cole NAT
Dickens' Uriah HEEP
Do a slow burn FUME
Door swinger HINGE
Engage in a quarrel MIXITUP
Fills completely SATES
Forklift platform PALLET
Hang loosely DANGLE
Hockey or basketball player's stat APG
Imaginary narrative TALE
Issue EMIT
Knight's helmet ARMET
Lettering device STENCIL
Like some of Hawthorne's tales TWICETOLD
Major or minor constellation URSA
Malodorous cartoon character LEPEW
Mimic's forte APERY
Native Canadians CREES
Needing liniment, e.g. SORE
Not tricked by ONTO
Clues Answers
Noted European lab CERN
Oft-contracted word NOT
One way to eliminate text XOUT
Ordinal number ending ETH
Pessimist's projection DOOM
Philbin's co-host RIPA
Photo lab abbr. ENL
Place for a clip-on mike LAPEL
Prefix for chute or graph PARA
Prefix with physical META
Put up, as a building ERECT
Quip to think about (Part 1) ACONSCIENCEIS
Quip to think about (Part 2) WHATHURTS
Quip to think about (Part 3) WHENALL
Quip to think about (Part 4) YOUROTHER
Quip to think about (Part 5) PARTSFEELGOOD
Realtor's offering HOUSE
Red vegetables BEETS
Removes wallpaper, maybe PEELS
Retailer Thom MCAN
Rich rock ORE
She's not yet married MISS
Skeptic's phrase IBET
Some winter temperatures TEENS
Something to scratch ITCH
Source of a blunt riposte EPEE
Storage cylinder SILO
Tempe, Ariz. campus ASU
Toothpaste-approving grp. ADA
Type of flour ALLPURPOSE
Type of missile CLOSERANGE
Union promise IDO
Use as a reference CITE
Visitor's visual aid AREAMAP
Way to go down memory lane STROLL
Willy Wonka's creator DAHL