The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 23443 - November 10, 2006

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Clues Answers
A first by pop artist DADAIST
Achieved much, as Marco Polo did? WENTFAR
Among scruffy group, one is more conspicuous SHOWIER
At about noon, one's done egg as hors d'oeuvre ANTIPASTO
Big game in India? Strike a light! TESTMATCH
Customer wanting neat short, and another drink to follow PURCHASER
Endless prattle is offensive DRIVE
English writer's skill hidden at first FORSTARTERS
Fish that by implication isn't sole? GROUPER
For poet, that's what great excitement sounds like TIS
Group's miserable record SETDOWN
He was in prison many years - about ninety EXCON
Horrible drink served in high-quality porcelain MINGING
In concert, overture to Egmont is introductory piece PROEM
Increases efficiency of transport routes on river STREAMLINES
Lack of involvement during half-term break, after course has almost finished DISINTEREST
Clues Answers
Lodge is identical when viewed from the rear PUTUP
London park keeper talked of flowering shrub HYDRANGEA
Lover crashed in transit TRISTAN
Military type found partner subdued COWED
Neat trails, every other one hidden in old province NATAL
No end to lively conflict WAR
Old woman in Biblical book HAG
Old writer makes high-pitched sound when speaking PEPYS
On holiday with boy touring Med, say, when costs are cheaper? OFFSEASON
Person who secured post and a kind of pension? STAKEHOLDER
Succeed with computer technology? Don't make me laugh COMEOFFIT
Theatre's run some sort of record REP
Treat lady badly, like some saints in church? LATTERDAY
US city, I note, is in Washington state WICHITA
With everyone on the right, political group creates division in the House PARTYWALL
Woman takes engagement rings back AGNES