The Times - Concise - Times2 Jumbo 172 - July 29, 2006

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Clues Answers
Acting rashly through fear PANICKING
Altering of musical rhythm by displacing accents SYNCOPATION
C.S. Forester's Captain HORNBLOWER
Causing great excitement SENSATIONAL
Causing personal amazement MUCHTOONESSURPRISE
Central part of arch KEYSTONE
Climber of tall structures STEEPLEJACK
Companion of Daniel (Bible) ABEDNEGO
Countryside path NATURETRAIL
Create (something new) INVENT
Decider of employer/employee disputes INDUSTRIALTRIBUNAL
Descend using running rope ABSEIL
Detesting HATING
Earlier example as guide PRECEDENT
Extravagant WASTEFUL
Fill with wonder ENTRANCE
Financial obligations LIABILITIES
Free from dirt CLEAN
Group of soldiers PLATOON
Growing season SPRINGTIME
In almost desperate straits UPAGAINSTIT
Insulating mineral ASBESTOS
Isle of Wight resort SANDOWN
Longfellow's hero HIAWATHA
Metal alloy PEWTER
Mozart's middle name AMADEUS
Open uncultivated land HEATH
Clues Answers
Ornamental climber CLEMATIS
Pack-hunting animal WOLF
Pile of mining refuse SLAGHEAP
Place to stay HOTEL
Process of erecting buildings CONSTRUCTION
Reasons for action RATIONALE
Remove all clothes STRIP
Roadside eating place TRANSPORTCAFE
Rugby formation SCRUM
Sand timer HOURGLASS
Schoolboy created by Anthony Buckeridge JENNINGS
Sedative drug BARBITURATE
Shown openly OVERT
Simultaneously ATTHESAMETIME
Skin spot FRECKLE
Something required as a prior condition PREREQUISITE
Source of power TURBINE
Surface shine GLOSS
The way to Calvary VIADOLOROSA
Thoroughfare ROAD
Venezuelan capital CARACAS
View over houses ROOFSCAPE
Where meals are served DINNERTABLE
Widespread disorder HAVOC
Woman's accessory HANDBAG
Written law STATUTE
Yellow element SULPHUR