- Nov 14 2006

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Clues Answers
''Get away!'' SCAT
''Understood!'' ISEE
''__ you sleeping?'' ARE
301, to Caesar CCCI
Aardvark's meal ANTS
Abrasive substance EMERY
Actor Flynn ERROL
Amazes AWES
Annoyed IRKED
At that time THEN
Blackjack player's demand HITME
Book leaf PAGE
Cat's weapon CLAW
College cheer RAH
Competitive eater's asset CASTIRONSTOMACH
Cowboy ropes LASSOS
Curly-tailed dog SPITZ
Enthusiastic about INTO
Environmental sci. ECOL
ER locale HOSP
Eroded WORN
France's capital, humorously PAREE
Fried-rice add-in PORK
Get sustenance from FEEDON
Golf platform TEE
Have to pay OWE
Hawaiian nut MACADAMIA
Highest cards ACES
Hit, as a fly SWAT
Hoops star Shaquille ONEAL
Is unable to CANT
Kay follower ELL
Knight's suit ARMOR
Language of ancient Rome LATIN
Legal advisor: Abbr. ATT
Less outgoing SHYER
Misfortunes ILLS
Clues Answers
Netting material MESH
Night bird OWL
Nine-performer work NONET
Offers at a discount MARKSDOWN
Office note MEMO
Onion covering SKIN
Opens, as a ski jacket UNZIPS
Overhead trains ELS
Puccini genre OPERA
Region AREA
Repair MEND
Rich cake TORTE
Ridiculous SENSELESS
Salespeople, for short REPS
Shin neighbor KNEE
Shipped away SENT
Shrewd SLY
Shrink back WINCE
Sign of sorrow TEAR
Signs of the future OMENS
Skinflint MISER
Sports cable network ESPN
Stew cooker POT
Supplementary part ACCESSORY
Sweet potato YAM
Tax expert: Abbr. ACCT
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Took advantage of USED
Toward sunrise EAST
Toy on a string YOYO
Trivia answers FACTS
Twangy sounding NASAL
Unable to decide TORN
Unrealistic hope STARSINONESEYES
Walk though a puddle SLOSH
Wane, with ''out'' PETER
What a bloodhound follows SCENT
Where Tehran is IRAN