The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 23085 - September 19, 2005

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Clues Answers
Accommodating type shot outside tower INNKEEPER
Act like one of eight, say, seeing deer ROE
Behave ostentatiously, having just left the board? MAKEASPLASH
Bondsman ultimately slain in overthrow of republic GRATIS
Broadly, Jean Rhys's source of floating algae? SARGASSOSEA
Coinage in Limoges and no mistake NEOLOGISM
Fanciful as a French coin once used in Spain UNREAL
Festival swineherd always observed HOGMANAY
Free deserter arrested by private soldiers GUINEA
Honour a new church, holding one's act of homage OBEISANCE
Lack of purpose, cutting off head's gas, for example UTILITY
Leading cardinal was most successful in speech ONE
Lively wit runs into European bank ESPRIT
Not solidly grounded, a month before retiring MARSHY
Old man associated with southern resort ERNIE
One of a thousand in the fillies' race? LINEOUT
Clues Answers
Paris producer welcoming youngster into part of theatre HECUBA
Pedantry of Chesterton's remote and ineffectual attacker? DONNISHNESS
Possible customer's outlook PROSPECT
Precious stone presented to Mexican poet TOPAZ
Preserve and equip a youth feeding a setter MARMALADE
Rabbit on part of ferry at terminal YATTER
Responsible person's occupation out East CARER
Right woman in group to introduce a piece of music SERENATA
Stole last of meat from galley, perhaps BOA
Supervise deliveries, taking escort OVERSEE
To merely exist, some feel, breaks one of its rules! GRAMMAR
Transparent case leader of investigation dropped PATENT
Unsophisticated Foreign Secretary's play on words HOMESPUN
Very cheap aid organised by fellows snatching a nap ADIMEADOZEN
Whip early king used to restrain love KNOUT