Wall Street Journal - Oct 27 2006 - October 27, 2006 - Biting Wit

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Clues Answers
'1812 Overture' letters FFF
'Hold on now!' JUSTASEC
'March of the Penguins' director Jacquet LUC
'Oliver's Story' author Erich SEGAL
'Put a lid ___!' ONIT
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' heroine AYLA
'Toy Story' dinosaur REX
'Up and ___!' ATEM
'What ___ bid?' AMI
'___ Cheatin' Heart' YOUR
007 enemy SMERSH
1959 guest of Dwight NIKITA
Action in a bridge game REBID
African point, or Dracula's cloak of optimism? CAPEOFGOODHOPE
Ale that received Britain's first trademark BASS
All together ENMASSE
Alternate sp. VAR
Amor's ammo ARROW
Annual horse race, one that sounds ominous to Dracula? BELMONTSTAKES
Anti-Parkinson's drug LDOPA
Arctic floater PACKICE
Art supporter EASEL
Attendee's answer HERE
Auburn tint HENNA
Big suit? CEO
Born, in Bordeaux NEE
Bowled over AMAZED
Broker's advice HOLD
Charlottesville sch. UVA
Check endorser PAYEE
Clobber WHUP
Connecticut coeds ELIS
Corp.'s casual day FRI
Creole cooking vegetable OKRA
Crime boss's nickname MRBIG
Dome of the Rock shape OCTAGON
Dr. who co-founded Death Row Records DRE
Evidence from a hairsplitter? DNA
Exaggerated OVERDONE
Explorer Shackleton ERNEST
Features HAS
Firebrand INCITER
Firstborn ELDEST
Fund-raising suffix THON
Furtive fellow SNEAK
Graph line AXIS
Gulf state EMIRATE
Gussy up ADORN
H.S. subj. ENG
Hard hike TREK
Hodgepodge HASH
How doves come INPEACE
Hurly-burly ADO
Illegal hit TOKE
Immediately, or where Dracula's clothes fall when he changes? RIGHTOFFTHEBAT
Indian in the British army SEPOY
Insulting innuendo SLUR
Irish hero, for short STPAT
It's in the can WASTE
James nicknamed 'Miss Peaches' ETTA
Jubilant ELATED
Kicked in GAVE
Kitty POOL
Labrador retriever? ASPCA
Clues Answers
Late-night show? DREAM
Like a cat-o'-nine-tails KNOTTED
Like some Nolan Ryan games NOHIT
Lips, in Latin LABIA
Lorelei's place RHINE
Madonna's 'La ___ Bonita' ISLA
Make over REDO
Makes a decent living DOESOK
Manual Minolta setting FSTOP
Marine, or impediment for Dracula? LEATHERNECK
Me-tooer's response ECHO
Memo abbr. ATTN
Menu subhead ENTREES
Methuselah's father ENOCH
Mobil's merger partner EXXON
Molding with an S-shaped cross section OGEE
Money-saving, in brand names ECONO
More reasonable SANER
Mother and subsequent wife of Oedipus JOCASTA
No benchwarmer STARTER
Offshore ridge SANDBAR
On the dot SHARP
One leading a chase HARE
Opening sound? AHH
Org. that supports fake fur PETA
Ottoman bigwig AGHA
Pipe part TRAP
Pre-EMT treatment FIRSTAID
Problem for Midas GREED
Prods to action GOOSES
Promote, perhaps RERANK
Redeems, as a check CASHES
Remains down, or escorts Dracula? TAKESTHECOUNT
Renée of silent movies ADOREE
Response to a carping person NAGNAG
Riga resident LETT
Rock forerunner, for short RANDB
Rub out ERASE
Sales disclaimer ASIS
Site for a night out TENT
Snap-together brand LEGO
Sound from Big Ben BONG
Speculative stock, or Dracula when hopped-up? HIGHFLIER
Stands up LASTS
Supervised spot, or Dracula's term for his sleeping quarters? DAYCARECENTER
Swiss watch brand RADO
Thoroughbred, or Dracula's obsession? PUREBLOOD
To change the topic, or where Dracula gets seconds? INANOTHERVEIN
To the degree that SOFARAS
Try, try again? REHEAR
Tuna, at a luau AHI
Two-point throw in horseshoes LEANER
Underlying pattern of the universe TAO
Unexpected blow, or refreshment at a party for Dracula? SUCKERPUNCH
Urban transit route BUSLINE
Vintners' valley NAPA
Weapon named for its Israeli designer UZI
Well-paid and easy CUSHY
Wet bars? SOAPS
When pigs fly NEVER
When Romeo meets Juliet ACTI
Wide body SEA
Windows frameworks SASHES
Witty Bombeck ERMA
Worsted wool SERGE
Wyo. schedule abbr. MST
___-wop ('50s music) DOO