The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 575 - April 9, 2005

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Clues Answers
A Liberal taking up weapons is causing fright ALARMING
A lung started failing with constricted blood flow STRANGULATED
A measure of radiation around old mine gallery ROAD
A rook in a hazelnut tree CAROB
Admission one's used iron to knock out copper in dazed reaction to blow CONFESSION
Aide needed about house for a particular purpose ADHOC
Al Capone would have used it without one ALUMINIUM
All the redevelopment is very destructive LETHAL
Beginning where the wooden horse was not unknown INTRO
Bookies' way of communicating ploy when exchanging letters TICTAC
Brought up around old, children without attention get very fed up BOREDTOTEARS
Carnivore takes head off beast OTTER
Chips perhaps displaced her chocolates SCHOOLTEACHER
Classic film, a mix of English Flashman with Colette THEMALTESEFALCON
Coming from a part of Africa as has urban sprawl SUBSAHARAN
Conference Napoleon's calling, banishing middle sons CONSULTATION
Country importing aluminium for another AUSTRALIA
Decide against rugby hooligan possessing Ecstasy RULEOUT
Dirty cheat grasping fortune TYCHE
Exactly describe part of fish seen in river DEFINE
Fight former partner over some money misfortunes EXCHANGEBLOWS
Foolish person left in bed CLOT
Forgetting bill, hurry up and rope in bachelor to have a good time CELEBRATE
Geological feature that is folded, since oil may be extracted from it ISOCLINE
Gold company in Western part of Russia is harsh RAUCOUS
Green politician in party starts to spout environmental rot DECOMPOSE
High explosive going off AIRBURST
Honest, super night had without bridge players UPRIGHT
Inheritor's reported squandering of grand before playing cards affected behaviour AIRSANDGRACES
Large island, but it has road in one area only SARDINIA
Clues Answers
Make to look guilty in one minute in box INCRIMINATE
Moved playfully like priests around Holi, but out of the house FROLICKED
Nellie got married on island BUREAU
Office desk TWINTUB
One selecting the best crane CHERRYPICKER
One's argued following this instruction could be a tonic ALTERCATION
Pain? Contents of sachet may help MELBA
Pig died for provisioning of meals BOARD
Poet daily pens the universal church CHAUCER
Power-sharing system is highly desirable thing, involving rails with moving current PLURALISM
Remains opposed to Ghanaian people ASHANTI
Road up, mostly? Thanks - it's a main arterial route AORTA
Say Hamlet is what's wanted? Hamlet said it THEPLAYSTHETHING
Search thoroughly, finding answer in joint RANSACK
Size of diary perhaps covering a year and a half EIGHTEENMO
Sleuth is overweight, the female copper, maybe? FATHERBROWN
Slight disagreement, note, on part taken by Twenty-five MISUNDERSTANDING
Soak about a hundred fish - a regular sort of figure RECTANGLE
Stretching tape - scale changed when holding it up ELASTIC
Support for cab drivers to pay after delay securing parking FOOTPLATE
Tear or cut outside page SPLIT
The smallest continent in literal extent ASIA
Total hero changed with spinach dish LANCASHIREHOTPOT
Type of deposit burnt on - cleaner's working to remove carbon NONRETURNABLE
Warring Indian triad from Port of Spain TRINIDADIAN
What Shem and Japheth shared, not born in Yorkshire town ROTHERHAM
What's stolen at railway inn? HOTEL
Wild roaring of French river RIOGRANDE
Without resources to be drunk and staying TT HIGHANDDRY