Universal - Oct 20 2006

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Clues Answers
''A Chapter on Ears'' essayist ELIA
''Poor me!'' ALAS
''Rebel Without a Cause'' actor Mineo SAL
''Skedaddle!'' SCAT
''That's show ___!'' BIZ
''The Fountainhead'' actor Jerome COWAN
Abominable AWFUL
Acts as usher SEATS
Alternatives to suspenders BELTS
Ballpark figure ORGAN
Bamboozle, in a way STRINGALONG
Baseball score RUN
Beaver Cleaver's dad WARD
Botanist's concern FLORA
Brewery unit KEG
Butcher's cut LOIN
Campus divisions CLASSES
Caps suffix ULE
Characteristic TRAIT
Children's author Blyton ENID
Concur AGREE
Conjecture GUESS
Curve shape ESS
Detective's question WHO
Diamond holder, e.g. SAFE
Fell off EBBED
Fjordlike body of water RIA
Fractional monetary unit of Japan SEN
Frequent hangouts HAUNTS
Garment inserts GORES
George C. or Sir Walter SCOTT
Go to the game ATTEND
Greek letter OMEGA
Group of cattle HERD
Havana residue ASH
Heckling sounds HOOTS
Howe the inventor ELIAS
Clues Answers
International court site (with ''The'') HAGUE
It helps you row with the flow OAR
It may be called on account of rain CAB
Jason's mythical craft ARGO
Just deserts WAGES
Kind of roll EGG
Like a rock SOLID
Listened in HEARD
Make amends ATONE
Make ecstatic THRILL
Med. cost-saving plan HMO
Mediterranean nation MALTA
Mi preceders, in musical scales RES
Mishaps GOOFS
Monotonous routine RUT
Nonpointed end ERASER
Oscar winner McDormand FRANCES
Private theater area LOGE
Proceed easily BREEZE
Put off the scent THROWACURVE
Roman official SENATOR
Scam artists do it HORNSWOGGLE
Seats for heads of bolts WASHERS
Show communal spirit, in a way SHARE
Smiled scornfully SNEERED
Society girl DEB
Sports legends, e.g. GREATS
Stand at a sitting EASEL
Strong desire URGE
Thin nail BRAD
Vase with a footed base URN
Victim-to-be MARK
Vintner's vessel VAT
Way back when AGO
Where successful people go? FAR
Wild swine BOARS
World Cup team USA