The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 548 - October 23, 2004

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Clues Answers
A game outside with father in nagging discomfort ACHESANDPAINS
A host of Americans writing out letters EMCEE
About time light females found suitable mounts? SHETLANDS
Announced Edison invention NOISED
Appointment retrieved from palmtop? DATE
Bishop donning black coat with a beam TBAR
Bitter, yet oddly care to help out ACRID
Boy entertaining request from state ALASKAN
Butt in interrupting good talk - coughs nastily LAUGHINGSTOCK
Charm of Helen, bursting into song MENOFHARLECH
Close gate, creating awkward situation STICKYWICKET
Clothing design included in payment RAIMENT
Confidentially, we've seen troubles brewing BETWEENOURSELVES
Cow restless during milking might die KICKTHEBUCKET
English in a sweat, working from Asia TAIWANESE
Family friend from US back to take in cruise, leaving eastern port DUBROVNIK
Figure soon raised almost disappeared NONAGON
From Surrey village, goodbye: a long way to go EWELL
Full set one's presumably yet to find in chimney? ACLEANSWEEP
Game to hunt, pursuing animal skin also HIDEANDSEEK
Girl backing what's unfolded at CAMRA meeting? PAMELA
Heat enough for soldiers to go in? SOFTBOIL
Here college links courses old and new STANDREWS
Honour a husband that's charming OBEAH
In reverse lists drinks it thickens by heating INSPISSATOR
Intellectual urge comes over boss EGGHEAD
It could be pulled to make our stairs collapse SARTORIUS
It could be tea one's got in for literary drinking companion ROSIE
It's pivotal manoeuvre on ice, with bottom raised slightly AXLE
Keenest to take only sixth former, one offering old money SOLDI
Clues Answers
Kick-off being broadcast by TV ONSET
Liberal means to capture new seat, if nothing else LEASTWAYS
Look mean, not letting out a breath? AIRTIGHT
Lover's pendant held to be extravagant OVERSPEND
Menu - middle of page: 'a tip is included' AGENDA
Mess table partners are endlessly amusing SNAFU
Naturally seedy drug purveyors OPIUMPOPPIES
Novel bearing fruit with spring launch? ACLOCKWORKORANGE
Number eleven or fifteen first? That's not so important SIDEISSUE
Old money in closet seems oddly to have turned up SESTERCES
Place where fool's cut strip of material, being expert in cloth BERWICKUPONTWEED
Play too recklessly around fireplace OTHELLO
Play with new cricket ball in the garden THECHERRYORCHARD
Port should be made with this quality SEAWORTHINESS
Porter's work involved mistakes with half of keys KISSMEKATE
Priest got round magistrates without beginning refutations ELENCHI
Rather sharp stop leaving a cox floundering VOXANGELICA
Reader giving blow by blow account? ANEMOMETER
Rebellious state involved chancy setting for fellow CHECHNYA
Recover, say, in wet weather REGAIN
Roll into state plant FLORIBUNDA
She spells 'dish' with first letter out loud SORCERESS
Ship initially held up, not finished, by waves SONIC
Sinks ball, with end of cue back in brief service PITSTOP
Swindler demanding horse with European stock MOUNTEBANK
This country showered with initially deadly fallout UKRAINE
Through hearing joke boy's taken in INGESTED
Two spells of note in performance MIME
Unusual stout - reclaim bottles! OUTRE
US Stinger afforded sensational protection YELLOWJACKET