USA Today - Oct 12 2006

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Clues Answers
''Defense of Fort M'Henry'' author KEY
''I do,'' for one VOW
''Uh-oh!'' OOPS
''___ No Good'' (Ronstadt hit) YOURE
America's Cup entry YACHT
Ancient alphabetic symbol RUNE
Asthma spray, e.g. INHALANT
Augury OMEN
Avoid cancellation RENEW
Brightest cohort BEST
Burn reliever ALOE
Caviar on toast, e.g. CANAPE
Charlie Brown exclamation RATS
Congenial NICE
Country on the Caspian IRAN
Curriculum section UNIT
Dogie CALF
Don't take another card STAY
Donnybrook MELEE
Electrical power units WATTS
Emulate a banshee WAIL
Entertainer Falana LOLA
Enveloping atmosphere AURA
Extends across SPANS
Farm female EWE
Fourth of July sound BANG
Furthermore AND
Geographic area EAST
Girlfriend, in French 101 AMIE
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Heckle TAUNT
It may lead to a birdie PUTT
Kingsley novel ''Two Years ___'' AGO
Less plentiful RARER
Like 60-Down OVINE
Ludicrous ABSURD
March celeb SOUSA
Maude's movie mate HAROLD
Clues Answers
Mirage subject OASIS
Nation on Hispaniola HAITI
Nerve fiber DENDRITE
Nessie's waterway LOCH
One-time wife of Mickey AVA
Outback creature EMU
Outcries of amazement OOHS
Physicist's subject ATOM
Quench ALLAY
Ralph's wife ALICE
Retailer's lure SALE
Roadside sign GAS
Scoundrel CUR
Smile of the smug SMIRK
Something you may get caught taking NAP
Start of a suburbanite's lament IALWAYSTHOUGHTA
Student's second chance RETEST
Suburbanite's lament (Part 2) YARDWASTHREE
Suburbanite's lament (Part 3) FEETBUTTHENI
Suburbanite's lament (Part 4) STARTEDMOWINGIT
Suffix with great EST
Symbol of industriousness ANT
The middle number of 36-24-36 WAIST
The seventh of seven on a calendar SATURDAY
Thoroughly unpleasant, as weather NASTY
Timer sounds DINGS
Today's Christiania OSLO
Tranquility partner PEACE
TV producers? RCA
Verdi's ''Caro nome,'' e.g. ARIA
View from a beach house SEASCAPE
Waikiki wear LEI
Weapons that are hardly cutting edge EPEES
Win at musical chairs SIT
Word with chewing or bubble GUM
Word with green or googly EYED
Word with spanking or brand NEW
Work units ERGS