The Times - Specialist - Times Literary Supplement 567 - August 27, 2004

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Clues Answers
'For - he could not ope / His mouth but out there flew a trope' (Samuel Butler) RHETORIC
'If living isn't a seeking for the grail, it may be a damned - game' (Scott Fitzgerald) AMUSING
A mere puppet of Stravinsky PETROUCHKA
Big departure for second book EXODUS
Chair Dumas recreated for Spartan king ARCHIDAMUS
Choose academician for classic tragedy ELECTRA
Dad, Greek publisher of contemporary musicians? POPGROUP
Date for an April ride, Longfellow recalls EIGHTEENTH
Don DeLillo's nether regions UNDERWORLD
Du Maurier's out-of-this-world character chronicled by Bradbury THEMARTIAN
Emperor returns to lead Rastafarians TSAR
Florentine heroine with zero pounds in capital ROMOLA
Go admire sort of symbol IDEOGRAM
Leading ladies in Churchill play? TOPGIRLS
Clues Answers
Mouldy, not fit for it, thought Falstaff ENLISTMENT
My class act farce Ð or disasters CATACLYSMS
Old wool ship ARGO
Poet laureate, some hero we acknowledge ROWE
Powellian figure, primed perhaps, in cashmere WIDMERPOOL
Prior's merry jester ANDREW
Sign of sound change by German writer UMLATT
Surrey's the end of E. M. Forster HOWARDS
The cardinal wrote one for his life APOLOGIA
Walk three times round one who has eaten it, Coleridge suggests HONEYDEW
Warner's prank ESCAPADE
We French at home in Nichols piece NOUS
We may share his disenchantment MONTAGUE
Where the gods might provide a fine view of the stage below OLYMPUS