The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 500 - December 27, 2003

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Clues Answers
A divine finish to a number of supplements ADDENDA
Able to cope with peer, and child he has to beget EQUALTOTHEOCCASION
After swallowing drug, must come to a stop HEAVETO
Alcohol let school tumultuously welcome queen CHOLESTEROL
Alleged royal murder victim is seen to surface in Canadian province PRINCEEDWARDISLAND
Attachments show former partner supplanted by a daughter and son ADHIBITIONS
Blow up magazine provided in American city MAGNIFY
Capital wine held out NEWDELHI
Cedar tree is deprived of oxygen coming up in built-up area - go for something cheaper TRADEDOWN
Checks uranium found in mine's passages AUDITS
Completion of coat of arms ACHIEVEMENT
Copper goes round a college to find a source of tannin CATECHU
Cut school, getting the whip ETONCROP
Determinedly pursue translation of loup - wolf FOLLOWUP
Driving cattle across Australia, finished where vessel docks OVERLANDING
Drunkard from Cornwall area getting more unwell SWILLER
Dutchman has plus to shout about HOLLANDER
Egyptian queen embraced by two men ALEXANDRIAN
English weather will make a permanent impression ENGRAIN
Exotic bangle found in part of subcontinent BENGAL
Extremely hot flan cut up NOTHALF
Force valuer to reform, becoming pernickety OVERCAREFUL
Frankly, some dresses hang like this STRAIGHTFROMTHESHOULDER
General rejected old ammunition lacking casing DEGAULLE
He gets less than the going rate; below the basement, we hear UNDERSELLER
In reversion to primitivism, a bomb's broken a hole in the wall ATAVISM
In the part of a climber, I'd get here RIDGE
Inquisitive about old record in classification of disease NOSOLOGY
Interim reorganisation in stations TERMINI
Irregular dig among extended digs LODGING
Is gnasher affected by food additives? GARNISHES
Is nothing added to cordial at the same pressure? ISOTONIC
Journalists gathered outside hospital department for tips PRESENTS
Judge's month in the middle of Bridgetown GAUGE
Kind of book describing deciduous tree in autumn? LOOSELEAF
Making her glad, I promoted student HEADGIRL
Clues Answers
Measure young animal with computer technique CUBIT
Medicinal plant for which golfers head around Christmas? WINTERGREEN
Melodious note held by unfortunate child ORPHEAN
Micah's stoic, suffering but enjoying the pain MASOCHISTIC
Name to be applied to a grass-cutter: it's up to old maid TIREWOMAN
Native to Australia's desert, two of Pooh's friends RATKANGAROO
Neutron bomb exploded when deep in Ontario, Canada ENHANCEDRADIATIONWEAPON
Old court featuring formality and caution STARCHAMBER
Panic, losing head - that's a mistake ERROR
Perhaps police vehicle to head back - it may take an age to fix RADIOCARBON
Plane's instrument needs change, covering a period ALTIMETER
Polecat is able to use teeth FITCHEW
Poll again organised around Hawaii reveals admiration for England ANGLOPHILIA
Pope's line grants her fresh expression of optimism HOPESPRINGSETERNAL
Rhetorical devices one used to fill gap that's yawning before one CHIASMI
Rum taken by pope, say - that's eccentric QUEERFISH
Runt who is quiet and oddly prim SHRIMP
Semitic god taking very little time to reach lake MOLOCH
Sensible editor accepts Tom, appearing so extensively read WELLTHUMBED
So I'd eat no cooking? ONADIET
Song about sergeant's massacre here GLENCOE
Special syllables from aunt's pen let slip ANTEPENULTS
Stories covering one page supplying an extreme twist TALIPES
Sweet heliotrope CHERRYPIE
Sycophant following second queen FLATTERER
The Good Earth surpasses Upton Sinclair's book TOPSOIL
There's no telling with good-for-nothing NOACCOUNT
Thief going to pot? TEALEAF
Troubling reformed, new Wooster - cockney song BURLINGTONBERTIEFROMBOW
Two items worn by woman during the day, one by man in the evening DRESSCOAT
What vegetarian eats is unclassifiable (7,4,5,3,4) NEITHERFISHFLESHNORFOWL
Where American children learn to rank lots of fish GRADESCHOOL
Where popular girl may participate in number SINGALONG
With noise interrupting exam, get second, perhaps ORDINAL
Yet there are undercurrents: more than you suspect, I think STILLWATERSRUNDEEP
Yodel? That's a very different matter AFARCRY