- Sep 25 2006

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Clues Answers
''That makes sense'' ISEE
''__ Miserables'' LES
Add __ of spice ADASH
Alan of ''M*A*S*H'' ALDA
AMA members DRS
Anger IRE
Artist's stand EASEL
Attorney's field LAW
Auto mechanic's lubricant GREASE
Autumn apples, for short MACS
Bees' home HIVE
Below-average grade DEE
Bird in a Poe poem RAVEN
Boise's state: Abbr. IDA
Broad smile GRIN
Business-school subj. ECON
Cabbagelike plant KALE
Car-radiator contents COOLANT
Clean the chalkboard ERASE
Defeated one LOSER
Defiant exclamation HAH
Desert illusion MIRAGE
Did shoe repair SOLED
Drop __ to (write to) ALINE
Elementary-school activity SHOWANDTELL
Elvis' music ROCKANDROLL
Espionage org. CIA
Everyone ALL
Family cars SEDANS
Garbage holders ASHCANS
General Grant's foe LEE
Get it wrong ERR
Gibson of film MEL
Glossy paint ENAMEL
Got closer to NEARED
Harden, as 48 Across SET
Have breakfast EAT
Imitative one MIMIC
In that place THERE
Clues Answers
Like drip-dry garments WASHANDWEAR
Minimum numbers LOWS
Mover's truck VAN
Movie detective Charlie CHAN
Must have NEED
National bird EAGLE
Passing trend FAD
Pen filler INK
Pet with a cage wheel HAMSTER
Purple flower LILAC
Refine, as metal SMELT
Removed clothing wrinkles IRONED
River barrier DAM
River barrier LEVEE
Rowboat equipment OARS
Seamstress tool NEEDLE
Self-image EGO
Sidewalk material CEMENT
Sit for a portrait POSE
Small pie TART
Some Mideasterners ARABS
Store with inexpensive items FIVEANDDIME
Storm-door insert SCREEN
Study at the last minute CRAM
Sultan's wives HAREM
Take a breather REST
Tea types PEKOES
Teachers' org. NEA
Teheran native IRANI
Tennis pro Becker BORIS
Thickly packed DENSE
Tiresome speaker BORE
Trouser-leg line CREASE
TV actress Longoria EVA
Use a credit card CHARGE
Water pitcher EWER
Water vapor STEAM
Young socialites DEBS
__ Vegas LAS