Universal - Sep 22 2006

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Clues Answers
''... bombs bursting ___'' INAIR
''60 Minutes'' network CBS
''I ___ Walrus'' AMTHE
''Iliad'' figure ARES
''Jungle Book'' star SABU
''Put ___ on it!'' ALID
''Sweet'' vegetables PEAS
''The One I Love'' group REM
''Wait just ___!'' ASEC
''West Side Story'' character ANITA
503, to ancient Romans DIII
AC capacity units BTUS
Annuity, in France RENTE
Anoint, old style ANELE
Applejack base CIDER
Available to purchase now ONHAND
Award presentation site WINNERSCIRCLE
Barbecue offering SLAW
Barely a team DUO
Belgrade inhabitant SERB
Betray one's awareness LETON
Big-elephant link ASAN
Bolshevik's foe TZAR
Break up, informally ENDIT
By order of PER
Calcutta queen RANI
Caspian Sea feeder URAL
Cause of a rude awakening? SNORE
Cellist Pablo CASALS
Certain gemstone OPAL
City on the Adriatic BARI
Cue tip application TALC
Culex's cousin AEDES
Date tree PALM
Dater's approximately CIRCA
Dehydrated SERE
Depend (on) RELY
Dilapidated dwelling SHACK
Disapproving sounds TSKS
Doggie bag morsels ORTS
Easy partner NICE
Emulates a horse whisperer TAMES
Engine type HEMI
Excluded from society OSTRACIZED
Exercise of a sort KNEEBEND
Fictional pachyderm BABAR
Flat peppermint candy PATTIE
For any reason ATALL
Four-time Australian Open champ SELES
Full of lip SASSY
Gary Lewis and the Playboys hit THISDIAMONDRING
Gathered dust SAT
Gazpacho preparers' discards ONIONSKINS
Gemini docking targets AGENAS
Heading for a centenary NINETY
Heard, but not seen AURAL
Hebrew or Phoenician, e.g. SEMITIC
Held by a third party, as money INESCROW
Heroic York's rank, briefly SGT
Huge volume TOME
Ill-fated Karenina ANNA
Incite, as trouble STIRUP
Infamous Fords EDSELS
Informs of the latest news KEEPSINTHELOOP
Infringement, e.g. INFRACTION
It can be sticky in Arizona CACTUS
It may be fast, slow or in a bowling alley LANE
It might be skinned in the fall KNEE
It's past due TRE
Jim Davis pup ODIE
Kofi, of the U.N. ANNAN
Laborer of yore ESNE
Leisurely strolls PASEOS
Lends support BACKS
Clues Answers
Lightning attractor ROD
Like the Kalahari ARID
Like ___ from the blue ABOLT
Literary snippets, e.g. ANAS
Lord's Prayer verb ART
Lose color FADE
Mailroom abbr. ATTN
Make more efficient STREAMLINE
Mayberry resident OPIE
Memorable times ERAS
Metric weight, briefly KILO
Mindy of ''The Facts of Life'' COHN
Move on ahead PASS
Movie pooch ASTA
Muscovite's negative NYET
Narrow inlets RIAS
Negate ANNUL
Nose pleaser FRAGRANCE
Nursery rhyme name SPRAT
Palm Sunday mount ASS
Paradoxical riddle KOAN
Parthenon goddess ATHENA
Party to a 1993 peace accord PLO
Patty, Maxene or LaVerne ANDREWS
Personae leader DRAMATIS
Plant with triangular fronds FERN
Poet Angelou MAYA
Prepare for an attack CIRCLETHEWAGONS
Procure OBTAIN
Prods along NUDGES
Puny pup RUNT
Put in a row ALIGN
Put through the paces TEST
Quebec's ____ Peninsula GASPE
Record of a 12-month period ANNAL
Riot-subduing stuff MACE
River to the Baltic ODER
Robert Burns, for one SCOT
Roof surface, perhaps TAR
Room offerer INN
Sally Field role RAE
School founded by Henry VI ETON
School in E. Lansing MSU
Serious troubles WOES
Short preamble INTRO
Show weariness SAG
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Site of a major England vs. France battle, 1415 AGINCOURT
Snack first created in 1912 OREO
Sodium hydroxide LYE
Soil conditioner LIME
Solar and lunar periods YEARS
Some take it for a walk CANE
Sorvino of ''Mighty Aphrodite'' MIRA
Strokes of luck, sometimes? PARS
Tarzan's swinging kid BOY
Tea and cabbage, for two ROSES
Thin bark TAPPA
Tip, in a way DOFF
Took its toll? RANG
Toulouse topper BERET
Tuner choices AMFM
Valentine's Day gift, sometimes ENGAGEMENTRING
Way of life ETHIC
Well-preserved king TUT
Will be now? ARE
Winemaking process AGING
World Heritage pueblo site TAOS
Ye ___ shoppe OLDE
___ Perignon DOM
___ tai MAI
___-foot oil NEATS