The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 448 - February 8, 2003

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Clues Answers
Abandon assistant, touring eastern plant DESERTPEA
After alcoholic drink, love to get so animated SPIRITOSO
After drink, force worker to supply drug SUPPRESSANT
Angry, having limited money at end of the journey ITINERATE
Annoy Irish girl by beginning to talk English IRRITATE
Article in French about ailing city of Flanders LILLE
Author shows heartless European caught by detectives DICKENS
Beg a former PM to speak APPEAL
Certainly not mad about unfashionable item of clothing SOUTANE
Chap next door wounded huge robin NEIGHBOUR
Computer procedures normal among editorial assistants? SUBROUTINES
Crawl out of lake in wood GROVE
Designer involved with rag took illustrations from other books GRANGERISED
Do a good job as artist's model and writer SITWELL
Employees enlisted by newspaper chief to do editorial work EMEND
Engineer marked black Roman buildings for scouring ISAMBARDKINGDOMBRUNEL
Father and I dig up stiff FRIGID
Figure ... er ... it's knotweed POLYGONUM
Find new place for opponents in ceremony RESITE
Fine hotels for foreigners FINNS
Flowing drink, we hear, where barons got the concession RUNNYMEDE
Following advice given by article, a sprinter's sprayed deodorants ANTIPERSPIRANTS
French friends in Corsica perhaps turn to new religion ISLAMISE
Further check needed to control party holding power REINSPECT
Gets depressed, securing hour to see psychiatrists SHRINKS
Hear story of female end in anticlimax? TAILOFF
How a crawler, in the main, may conform? SWIMWITHTHETIDE
How once to ring operator in charge about the point of talking together DIALOGISTIC
I love pop song title (2,5,7,2,5) MYHEARTBELONGSTODADDY
I run vehicle in North America, in perfect state? NIRVANA
Incomplete deal with more reliable fund manager TREASURER
Initially they like minister's house being next to a stretch of water TASMANSEA
It's about your girl CATHY
Like film shown in art house, but listed for distribution? SUBTITLED
Like primate to travel by water round island at end of synod GORILLOID
Lots see nasty growth on horse's knee OSSELET
Make the most of the present from Horace CARPEDIEM
Man's name, one adopted by a Scottish nobleman, at length NATHANIEL
Clues Answers
March past might make one so completely happy? (4,2,3,4,2,6) FULLOFTHEJOYSOFSPRING
Mars: Soviet aircraft lands on time REDPLANET
Military error Betjeman associated with Slough? FRIENDLYFIRE
Most of journalists got on, as predicted PRESAGED
Not in the charts, so of little importance OFFTHEMAP
Not quite respectable union one entered for a few years DECENNIUM
Observing monarch on throne, to begin with ONLOOKING
Offence during part of Edinburgh Festival supposed to be discussed INFRINGEMENT
One about to enter weapon store containing poison ARSENICAL
One contracted for a pound to supply a book, short tear-jerker ANTONIO
One could get bitter, having this small gratuity BEERMONEY
One setting out poor - exist with struggle EXPOSITOR
One's dragged into foolish enterprise by accident MISADVENTURE
Order certain type of mineral NACRITE
Please may I feature in a bit of a fancy song? (5,1,6,5,2,2) DREAMALITTLEDREAMOFME
Quantities of drink are both good and bad, son GILLS
Rather noisy boor is cut short, facing ruin LOUDISH
Record company releases second single, ending uncertainty INDETERMINATION
Risk one kiss, misbehaving in court KIRKSESSION
Romance, note, leading to a form of elation NEOLATIN
Saw noisy comedian home WITNESSED
Second Puccini opera shortly for Italian launch MOTOSCAFO
Securing list of dates, say, top-class editor finished off glossy SUPERCALENDERED
Shows indifference towards spots where money is buried SLIGHTS
Single poem written in friend's dwelling MAISONNETTE
Sort of building union negotiators wouldn't take? LOWRISE
Starting making a speech, having swallowed one drink ORIGINATING
Sudden brilliant display of intelligence? NEWSFLASH
Suddenly pulling American soldier back around noon YANKING
Sultan leaves home SALADIN
Supporter making one smile? IBEAM
Tank seen in part of ship next to Channel Islands CISTERN
Tested the German food PROVENDER
They groan sadly about measure of acid in description of people ETHNOGRAPHY
Traveller, one excluded from coaches on motorway, I concede TRANSMIGRANT
Trendy way gin might be served? WITHIT
Watery fluid is imbibed by these ruminants SERUM
When it's light, diet may need to be reviewed DAYTIME