The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 446 - January 25, 2003

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Clues Answers
A psychic not adapted to flattering SYCOPHANTIC
Air at its densest in this place needed after work in violent sport TROPOSPHERE
Allow about nine out, being merciful LENIENT
Among others, bleak study of Gothic holy building taking year ICHTHYOLOGY
Area of SE Europe to thwart quick answer? BALKANS
At the first stage of medical education, before getting coldly detached? PRECLINICAL
Belying his position, what Scrabble player could do with italics? LASTBUTNOTLEAST
Book issue is number one with a trend of opinion soaring EDITION
Cancel poor growth SCRUB
Charge a lot of money to trap bird on the ground WARHEAD
Clinging drunk looked down on by son and family SKINTIGHT
Complains at wood used for club BEEFSTEAK
Composer redesigning an oval cello EARPLUG
Damage I reckon in married style MARITALLY
Difficulty - I learn Caesar got over this RUBICON
Dream of a dark horse NIGHTMARE
Drunk embraces Superman's girl - this one's on his own SOLOIST
Essayist is entering supplementary piece ADDISON
Finished with former partner named as too emotional OVEREXCITED
Girl is everything one Scotsman wanted to turn up CAMILLA
Girl's pregnant? She's not the only one JOINTHECLUB
Gland a doctor finds way up ADRENAL
God forbid, sailor is about to go to pieces ABSITOMEN
Hamlet, say, having power to set deed before old queen PLAYACTOR
Handy dating arrangement available twenty-four hours DAYANDNIGHT
Having some pallor, I tanned climbing in alpine region TIROL
Head of house starts off pupils running in outdoor race PRIOR
I support part of church repelled by state of gospel EVANGELICAL
Industrial operation: press and beer comes flowing with sparkling head BESSEMERPROCESS
Insensitively describe Open University as hypocritical CALLOUSLY
Italian footballers ready for the French to translate INTERPRET
Jeeves, a combination of courteous employee, saint and quiet worker GENTLEMANSGENTLEMAN
Lack of concision, so lessen thing drastically LENGTHINESS
Let parliament try and end upsets as Ministers argue? INTERDEPARTMENTALLY
Like delicious food your mummy regularly turned out YUMMY
Lil could be so malevolent ILLDISPOSED
Meeting prisoner, church official briefly pleasant when one's released CONVERGENCE
Money circulating around county? ECONOMY
Clues Answers
Nation established over island area ESTONIA
Nearly all rent goes to cover up old carving ALTORELIEVO
Note is thus put back as musical alternative OSSIA
On the radio listen to a fight locally HEREABOUT
One can't cheer up ailing lover in Kentucky KILLJOY
One plant inside another, note, strangely said to struggle ENTOPHYTE
One Tim, Brian and Ines endlessly reordered - the result? INEBRIATION
One whose examination starts in a taxi? TESTPILOT
Open-air café has new gate to forest TEAGARDEN
Perhaps Churchill's most important garment TANKTOP
Philip reportedly took in laboratory equipment PIPETTE
Promise to put in wide and flat fencing SWORDPLAY
Publishers' board? DESKTOP
Reading up about test offer period for rubbery substance ELASTOMER
Refrain, naturally leaving developments by banks perhaps (5,4,3,6,1) GREENGROWTHERUSHESO
Resolved to make cut in play, not in character UNTYPICAL
Round basin, washed out CLEANBOWLED
Ruler from East taking me to monarch EMEER
Soldier to lay siege with one gun to other ranks - one makes enquiries PRIVATEINVESTIGATOR
Something worth observing in den STUDY
Splendid inclination to cover up popular inspector's oversight SUPERINTENDENCY
Stained plastic, as an alternative INSTEAD
Superficial show is something to spin doctor, muddling when leader's away TOPDRESSING
Taking over party merits new reorganisation ENTRISM
Team always taking time off? The opposite EVERTON
Team has actual date for fractionally less than 24 hours SIDEREALDAY
Time in cell, but one's not charged NEUTRON
Tombs full of English armour GREAVES
Walk haughtily about shopping centre, chattering SMALLTALK
Was she only employed for a spell? ENCHANTRESS
What sounds like back-street artist BAKST
What's initially best left on unless sun's out now BLOUSON
What's properly translated into French COMMEILFAUT
Where Adam and Eve lived to begin with INTHEFIRSTPLACE
Wild West Sheriff has to carry silencer LEONCAVALLO
Wine with tea, endless pleasure CHABLIS
With money raised in Northern Ireland, British entering search for lethal weapon CLUSTERBOMB
Worn out, sent back with note in showing fault DEMERIT