L.A. Times Sunday - Sep 10 2006

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Clues Answers
"--- Teenage Werewolf" IWASA
"---, the doctor" MYSON
"Bird" word form AVI
"Casa" components SALAS
"Huh?" WHA
"Scheherezade" setting HAREM
"The Cherry Orchard" girl ANYA
"The Devil Wears ---" PRADA
"Time Machine" people ELOI
"Turn Me Loose" singer FABIAN
"What did I --- deserve this?" DOTO
"Yes --- you very confidentially..." IASK
--- a fiddle FITAS
--- in the dark ASHOT
A tribe of Israel JUDAH
Addams Family cousin ITT
Aerosol targets ODORS
Agree JIBE
Angiogram images AORTAS
Announced STATED
Astaire's shoe part TOETAP
Ballet's --- de deux PAS
Best possible OPTIMAL
Bio word NEE
Bird dogs SETTERS
Blood-typing letters ABO
Body art, for short TAT
California's is Eureka! MOTTO
Carpenter's carry TOOLKIT
Cassava product TAPIOCA
Center of operations BASE
Ceremonial procession CORTEGE
Certain terriers WESTIES
Check casher PAYEE
Cindy Brady's sis MARCIA
Cold War diplomat Gromyko ANDREI
Cologne's river, there RHEIN
Columnist's page OPED
Common email abbr. IMO
Computer maneuver RESTORE
Dawn droplets DEW
Dearth of depth FLATNESS
Decided about SETON
Djakarta's island JAVA
Doff a derby UNHAT
Dog breed --- Tzu SHIH
Drs. who deliver OBS
Early "Mr. Television" BERLE
Ernie Banks, notably CUB
Fedders or Carrier competitor TRANE
First fall guy? ADAM
Flexible, electrically ACDC
Flip response? HEADS
For aye EER
Fraction bottom DIVISOR
Friday's creator DEFOE
Give a damn? CURSE
Good, to Guido BENE
Greetings at meetings HIS
Guns the engine REVS
High school breakout? ACNE
Holding one's piece? ARMED
Hopheads USERS
House of Leo? LAIR
Hung out to dry AIRED
Illegal hit TOKE
Illegal setting? ARSON
Inactive DORMANT
Interior design DECOR
Irritate EATAT
Clues Answers
IRS concern INCOME
It has a head and hops BEER
It has lots of secs. MIN
It sank twice onscreen POSEIDON
It's loaded AMMO
It's shot on a lot SCENE
Joe Friday's request FACTS
Karen of "Little House..." GRASSLE
Kate, in a play SHREW
Kilmer classic TREES
Kin of zin CLARET
Kofi Annan's homeland GHANA
Leather jacket wearer BIKER
Leg shackles IRONS
Letter carrier's load MAILBAG
Literally, "for this" ADHOC
Lone Star capital AUSTIN
Love handle? DEAR
Makes free of RIDS
Makes insignificant DWARFS
Man of steel ROBOT
Mite, moth or mole PEST
Mobile home? ALABAMA
More arrogant pooch? COCKIERSPANIEL
More formal underwear? DRESSIERDRAWERS
More goofy Chicago thoroughfare? WACKIERDRIVE
More outrageous vehicles? CAMPIERVANS
More rough decals? BUMPIERSTICKERS
More shady musical genre? DODGIERBLUES
More theatrical household? HAMMIERHOME
More unsteady elevations? SHAKIERHEIGHTS
Nobody in particular ANYONE
Northeast Indian state ASSAM
Old nick? SCAR
On one's rocker? SANE
Paper in a pot IOU
Parrot or ape IMITATE
Part of some sequels III
Passages for worshipers AISLES
Place LIEU
Play mind games on PSYCH
Priest's duty RITE
Professor plum? TENURE
Put in the cooler JAILED
Puts in stitches SEWS
Real card RIOT
Retirement spots BEDS
River in Yorkshire URE
Rock shop staple GEODE
Rocky pinnacles TORS
Sammy's Rat Pack pal DEAN
Scoffer's words BIGDEAL
See 62D BUN
Sell on the street HAWK
Snooze NAP
Struck from the Bible? SMOTE
Subterfuge RUSE
Super-secure carrier ELAL
Take the honey and run ELOPE
Take the trolley RIDE
The time of Nick? XMAS
They meet at a junct. RDS
Things to eat and drink RYES
Thumb-pinkie distance SPAN
Touching gesture CARESS
Town near Dayton XENIA
Tribute to a skylark ODE
Tune for two DUET
With 63D, how a burger is served ONA