Universal - Sep 8 2006

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Clues Answers
''All You Need Is ___'' (Beatles) LOVE
''Buzz off!'' SCRAM
''Good Will Hunting'' school MIT
''The First Wives Club'' members EXES
A day's march ETAPE
A police officer may ask for it DRIVERSLICENSE
As many as UPTO
Atlas contents MAPS
Aussie ''bear'' KOALA
Back muscle, to weightlifters LAT
Bart's animated sister LISA
Bass basket, perhaps CREEL
Between two intimate people ADEUX
Bye, in France ADIEU
Certain duplicating machines PHOTOSTATS
Certain English assignment ESSAY
Chancel's crucifix ROOD
Charged particle ION
Cop ___ (negotiate for a lighter sentence) APLEA
Dancer's handrail BARRE
Dentist's instruction, perhaps FLOSS
Discombobulate ADDLE
Do postal work, e.g. SORT
Downy duck EIDER
Escape route for some SIDEDOOR
Eyelid problem STYE
Flush out RID
Fruits of the blackthorn SLOES
Fully matured RIPE
Get ready to kick off TEEUP
Gloss target LIP
Go nuts RAGE
Grand Marquis automaker, briefly MERC
Greenskeeper's supply SOD
Inventor Whitney ELI
Irrefutable SURE
It may be pulled at a carnival TAFFY
K-12, scholastically ELHI
Large, round wicker basket SKEP
Clues Answers
Lawful LICIT
Lifting device BRA
Like an important father-son talk, perhaps MANTOMAN
Like some kitchens EATIN
Like some rare books OUTOFPRINT
Likewise TOO
Melodic Hindu music RAGA
Mine output COAL
Nazareth natives ISRAELIS
Norse god of mischief LOKI
Not just bad EVIL
Not under one's breath ALOUD
One place to worship from AFAR
One-customer connector PER
Piano lever PEDAL
Play division ACT
Port at sea? LEFT
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
Pulitzer Prize category DRAMA
Question answered by ''M'' or ''F'' SEX
Recreational vehicle, for short ATV
Response from Sandy ARF
Rosary part BEAD
Run away FLEE
Show agreement, in a way NOD
Six, on a phone MNO
Some extinct birds DODOS
Take ___ the waist (tailor's job) INAT
Takeout restaurant sight PLASTICUTENSIL
They may be hailed in hail TAXICABS
Tom Joad, for one OKIE
Top invitees ALIST
TV ''Tarzan'' Ron ELY
Type of dance TAP
Type of edition LATE
Unhearing DEAF
Unlikely shoe width EEE
Wolfe, the sleuth NERO