Wall Street Journal - Sep 8 2006 - September 8, 2006 - Somewhat Different

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Clues Answers
'Amscray!' SKEDADDLE
'Ars ___, vita brevis' LONGA
'Batman' sound effect POW
'Every cloud ___...' HASA
'I swear!' ITSAFACT
'It's too long a story' DONTASK
'Lord of the Rings' beast TROLL
'Misery' director REINER
'Oliver!' choreographer White ONNA
'Psst!' to Madrid dwellers? ATTENTIONSPANISH
'Respect for Acting' author Hagen UTA
'Symphonie espagnole' composer LALO
1928 role for Mae LIL
1977 bestseller set at Memorial Hospital COMA
1977 Tony winner for Best Musical ANNIE
1979 Roman Polanski film TESS
Agreement from Chirac OUI
Agronomist's concern SOIL
Antepenultimate letter CHI
Application for a sore ankle ICEBAG
Arena over Penn Sta. MSG
Asia-Africa link SINAI
Assigned task DUTY
Be 'it' SEEK
Bender TEAR
Big bang maker HBOMB
Big name in sport shirts IZOD
Black-and-white medium CHARCOAL
Brainpower WIT
Brightness measures, for short IQS
Buoyant AIRY
Caffeinated aspirin brand ANACIN
Capital of Mexico's Veracruz state JALAPA
CEO's place TOP
Change an estimate of age for REDATE
Color TV introducer RCA
Composers Gold and Bloch ERNESTS
Contents of some cartridges INKS
Cream ingredient ALOE
Crew for a 71-Down ETS
Cutlass, e.g. OLDS
D-Back, for one NLER
Denver hrs. MST
Dresden divider ELBE
Drew on a TV screen CAREY
Dry dock sight KEEL
Ear connector, at times GRIN
Early anesthetics ETHERS
Extreme cruelty SADISM
Fanfare to build up one's ego? SELFRISINGFLOURISH
Female lobster HEN
Foe of Pizarro INCA
Foundation figure TRUSTEE
Founder of Detroit CADILLAC
General address SIR
Get off the ground LAUNCH
Give a new look to REDO
Goes unused SITS
Golf-loving church district? PARISHFORTHECOURSE
Goose in Cooperstown GOSLIN
Grant Wood's home IOWA
Guat. neighbor HOND
Holds up ROBS
Hopi doll KACHINA
Island entertainer DONHO
Israel's first UN delegate EBAN
John Belushi character SAMURAI
Kind of clock ATOMIC
Legal plea, for short NOLO
Like some angels FALLEN
Clues Answers
Like some museum paintings ONLOAN
Like typical college freshmen TEENAGE
Magnate Onassis ARI
Make ___ in (show progress with) ADENT
Man, for one ISLE
Mario's brother in video games LUIGI
Menachem's co-Nobelist ANWAR
Mix movie OATER
Mont. neighbor NDAK
NFL stat YDS
No-nos in Pennsylvania Dutch country? AMISHFMRADIOS
Novel conclusion? ETTE
Nurses SIPS
Org. that submits many amicus curiae briefs ACLU
Ouija alternative TAROT
Palindromic address MAAM
Perfect-bound, in bookbinding UNSEWN
Perry's creator ERLE
Petition SOLICIT
Piece for Pons ARIOSO
Pilgrim lothario? ONENIGHTSTANDISH
Pizza topping choice SAUSAGE
Places of warship? PIERS
Play group TEAM
Pound sterling QUID
Pretend to know people personally? BRANDISHNAMES
Prune LOP
Pump part SOLE
Put down NOTE
Rare blood type, for short BNEG
Road warning SLO
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame designer IMPEI
Ruling roost THRONE
Rwanda's capital KIGALI
Sam of 'Ben Casey' JAFFE
Satirist Mort SAHL
Scene of a historic 1965 demonstration SELMA
Sch. support org. PTA
Shackled INIRONS
She came into Sam's joint ILSA
She followed Bess MAMIE
Sighting ESPIAL
Sign of warning REDFLAG
Sinclair contemporary ESSO
Skateboarder's protection KNEEPADS
Somewhat ABIT
Special forces weapon UZI
Speculator's concern RISK
Stage salesman LOMAN
Staircase post NEWEL
Starch-yielding plant ARROWROOT
Sultry Sommer ELKE
Swing around SLUE
Tabloid photo subject UFO
Tachometer abbr. RPM
Tag info COST
Temple player OWL
The third man ABEL
They may be filled with Joy DISHPANS
Trisected INTHREE
Two-dimensional PLANAR
Verizon purchase of 2005 MCI
Ward of 'The Fugitive' SELA
Waterproofing target SEEPAGE
Winding SNAKY
Words after 'come' ONIN
You might stick a dagger into one SHEATH
You might take it lying down ANALYSIS
___ good example SETA