The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 22184 - October 30, 2002

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Clues Answers
A Bronte taking wine may raise a flap here BELLTENT
A promising band ENGAGEMENTRING
All around a length, maidens were played quietly VIRGINALS
British head sacked from Australian test site, having no good missile BOOMERANG
City getting rid of an ass TWERP
Curtsying is to be a new fashion OBEISANT
Dress up in part of Yorkshire once by tradition RIDINGHABIT
Girl Ernie ruined IRENE
It makes access difficult for part of hearing LABYRINTH
Joint developing new leak ANKLE
Less than a mouthful for a walrus MORSE
Load-carrier in a shopping precinct overturned LLAMA
Making lots from musical setting and presentation MASSPRODUCTION
Note from vicar to remain outside BREVE
Obstetrician perhaps is a rounded individual DELIVERYMAN
Clues Answers
Obstruction causing injury with loss of time DAM
One lacking knowledge of organ is kicked out of Musicians' Union IGNORAMUS
One who brings round French wine during endless musical performance CONVINCER
Order island fruit MANDATE
Organ requiring attention EAR
Saw one had to check on vehicle ahead MOTTO
Spiked instrument used in pits CELLO
Squint to look at dungeon EYEHOLE
Striker hating to be called out BATSMAN
Stripper in saccharine sort of opera SUGARSOAP
Tube needed to be below the surface SNORKEL
Turned up in fashionable eastern trousers RETROUSSE
Two ways one may have one's hair faulted UPBRAIDED
Where to establish communication with the other side SEANCE
World organisation's help withdrawn UNSAID