New York Times - Apr 10 1997

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Clues Answers
'D.C. Cab' actor MRT
'Have ___ day' ANICE
'It's no ___!' USE
'Rhyme Pays' rapper ICET
'___ far, far better thing...' ITISA
'___ moi...' APRES
'___ Said' (Neil Diamond hit) IAMI
1951 Giant hero THOMSON
1972 agreement, for short SALT
Actress Blakley RONEE
Actual being ESSE
African scourge TSETSE
Agcy. issuance REG
Amigos PALS
Bait, sometimes LURE
Bakery attraction AROMA
Big name in briefs HANES
Black shade COAL
Composer Rachmaninoff SERGEI
Computer key: Abbr. ESC
Concert prop AMP
Daly's TV co-star GLESS
Drive (along) TOOL
Favorite 60's song of 36-Across? THISMAGICMOMENT
Favorite feat of 4-Down? DISAPPEARINGACT
Food poisoning PTOMAINE
Fort Worth sch. TCU
From ___ (opening bit) ATOB
H. G. Wells's mad scientist THEINVISIBLEMAN
Hesitant sounds ERS
Homophone of 42-Across: Abbr. RTE
Instrument's lens OPTIC
Integration symbol BUS
Jerry Seinfeld contemporary TIMALLEN
Lab units GRAMS
Clues Answers
Least sufficient SCANTEST
Light on the set: Var. KLEIG
Longtime Capitol Hill nickname TIP
Lower jaw MANDIBLE
Make ___ of oneself APIG
Melville's Vere and others: Abbr. CAPTS
Most cautious WARIEST
October handout TREAT.
Olympic roster NATIONS
Orderly place HOSPITAL
Out of: Ger. AUS
Quick hands artist PRESTIDIGITATOR
Revival word AMEN
Shades' stopping point SILL
Shipbuilding wood TEAK
Sofa type SETTEE
Some clock-radios, or their settings AMS
Stomach corrosion ULCERS
Suffix with disk ETTE
Takes in, for example ALTERS
These might cover fires NEWSMEN
This may be contemplated NAVEL
Tooth part ROOT
Trenchant INCISIVE
Ultimatum word EITHER
Verdi masterpiece, with 'La' TRAVIATA
View on the Seine ILE
Volcanic elements GASES
Within reach DOABLE
You can count on it ABACUS
You, in the Yucatan USTED
___ avis RARA
___-Magnon CRO