- Aug 29 2006

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Clues Answers
''Blank'' look STARE
''Suffice __ say . . .'' ITTO
Admired one IDOL
Ancestry diagram TREE
As a large group ENMASSE
At that time THEN
Band together UNITE
Become indistinct BLUR
Blazing AFIRE
British fellow CHAP
Broadcast again RERUN
Business-envelope abbr. ATTN
Cashew or filbert NUT
Circle the Earth ORBIT
Circumference GIRTH
Comic poem DOGGEREL
Crow's color BLACK
Difficult choice DILEMMA
Entered, as computer data KEYEDIN
Entertaining facts TRIVIA
Fencing sword EPEE
Fifth part of Act I SCENEV
Flat, circular object DISK
Flower associated with Holland TULIP
Fortune-teller SEER
Golfer's objective HOLE
Grumbling under one's breath MUTTERING
Heredity unit GENE
Hot drink TEA
In the neighborhood LOCAL
Incite EGGON
Long ago ONCE
Made, as a knot TIED
Make a rip in TEAR
Manicurist's concerns NAILS
Mexican food TACO
Montana neighbor IDAHO
Clues Answers
Most tense EDGIEST
Nascar sponsor STP
Nostalgic song OLDIE
Not doing anything IDLE
Not ready to harvest UNRIPE
Opera solo ARIA
Otherwise ELSE
Piglets' mamas SOWS
Place to stand and wait LINE
Placed in order RANKED
Poker payment ANTE
Prepare to propose KNEEL
Punch and Judy show skill PUPPETRY
Regarding INRE
Remove, as rind PARE
Robot-novel genre SCIFI
Room dividers WALLS
Run off to wed ELOPE
Satirical segment SKIT
Scoundrel ROGUE
Ship's jail BRIG
Singer's selection TUNE
Small salamander NEWT
Smoothing tool FILE
Sock pattern ARGYLE
Sugary SWEET
Swimsuit tops BRAS
Talon CLAW
Teheran resident IRANI
Tennis pro Kournikova ANNA
Tiny branch TWIG
Track circuit LAP
Trench DITCH
Urban-renewal target SLUM
Walked away LEFT
Walking pace GAIT
Western author Zane GREY
Whirlpool EDDY
__ capita PER