The Times - Concise - Times2 Concise 2583 - February 21, 2002

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Clues Answers
A club; a magazine ARSENAL
A hard skin growth WART
A light-coloured African hardwood IROKO
Audience HEARERS
Be annoying to IRRITATE
C. S. ---, --- Carroll, authors LEWIS
Conflagration FIRE
Control (event) for effect STAGEMANAGE
Develop (idea, foetus) GESTATE
Finger; number DIGIT
Heavy shower DOWNPOUR
In a while LATER
Inseparable follower SHADOW
Clues Answers
James ---, Rex ---, artists WHISTLER
Lacking strength FEEBLE
Mrs ---, Sheridan's word-mangler MALAPROP
Noosed trap SNARE
One like small kangaroo WALLABY
Primary FIRST
Small handgun PISTOL
Stale; fungally infected MOULDY
Tallinn its capital ESTONIA
Trade ban EMBARGO
Uncomfortably small (room) POKY
Venomous tooth FANG