L.A. Times Daily - Aug 19 2006

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Clues Answers
"The Big Lebowski" director COEN
"Yeah, really" IBET
1996 Tony winner RENT
300-year-old Mexican song that became a Top 40 hit LABAMBA
Apple alternatives DELLS
Aspects FACETS
At __: in one instance ACLIP
Auxiliary AIDE
Battery, for one CRIME
Bingham of "Baywatch" TRACI
Bond film setting, briefly FTKNOX
Call, in a way REFEREE
Colony creation ANTHILL
Composer Bernstein ELMER
Conger catcher EELER
Continental title COCAPTAIN
Corsica neighbor ELBA
Dear old violin AMATI
Deteriorated RANTOSEED
Didn't just 51-Down ACED
Disconcert ABASH
Dowdy type FRUMP
Dunne in Hollywood IRENE
First president of the Czech Republic HAVEL
Football Hall of Famer __ Barney LEM
Foundation components PILINGS
Get by PASS
Get ready to fly ENPLANE
Govt. agent TMAN
Harden SET
Harmonized CHORDED
High points ZENITHS
Island on the Bali Strait JAVA
It helps reveal more details ZOOM
Kind of role TITLE
Clues Answers
Knowledge of bodies?: Abbr. ANAT
Lyricist David HAL
Nifty NEAT
Not cheat BETRUE
Not in need of a follow-up ONESHOT
Only nonvocal instrument in Britten's "Ceremony of Carols" HARP
Parade figure MAJORETTE
Party animal? HEN
Pearl S. Buck's birthplace WVA
Picked points NITS
Pin cushion? MAT
Put up with BEAR
Releases EXEMPTS
Relieved cry ATLAST
Remains barely noticeable? TRACE
Renege, slangily, with "out" CRAP
Riblike part COSTA
Sicilian resort ENNA
Solo ending IST
Some grills WEBERS
Source of iron ORE
Space __ CADET
Staying power LEGS
Strengthening place REHAB
Suit material LIBEL
Summer coolers ICETEAS
Swagger STRUT
Tan antelope ORIBI
Thing BAG
Upbeat PERKY
Whitecap, e.g. CREST
With 10-Down, film that made Valentino a star THEFOURHORSEMEN