- Aug 8 2006

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Clues Answers
''Let me rephrase that . . .'' IMEAN
''That's impressive!'' GEE
''__ the night before Christmas . . .'' TWAS
A+ or B- GRADE
Adorable kids CUTIES
Aid in wrongdoing ABET
Anger RAGE
At any __ (nevertheless) RATE
At that time THEN
Battery terminal ANODE
Black bird CROW
Brief memo NOTE
British coins PENCE
Cajun vegetable OKRA
Capital of Peru LIMA
Carbonated drink COLA
Church platform ALTAR
Circle parts ARCS
College club FRAT
Comic Soupy SALES
Corked-bottle contents WINE
Dad's sisters AUNTS
Doing poorly at a casino LOSINGONESSHIRT
Dramatic musical work OPERA
Farm harvest CROP
Fine sprays MISTS
Flying buzzers BEES
Gobbles up EATS
Groups of troublemakers GANGS
Immense VAST
In charge, as in a family WEARINGTHEPANTS
Jury member PEER
Kind of vaccine ORAL
Lawyer: Abbr. ATTY
Leaf-gathering tool RAKE
Long stories SAGAS
Medical-sch. course ANAT
Minor quarrels SPATS
Most sensible SANEST
Clues Answers
Must, slangily GOTTA
Nautical ''Halt!'' AVAST
Neck-warming cloth SCARF
Neighborhood AREA
Nightclub routine ACT
Of the moon LUNAR
Offer at retail SELL
Ohio city AKRON
Old furnace fuel COAL
Once more AGAIN
Once __ a time UPON
Only four-letter Great Lake ERIE
Pantry pests ANTS
Part of the eye IRIS
Parts of a play SCENES
Pas' spouses MAS
Pass, as a law ENACT
Point opposite WNW ESE
Pool sticks CUES
Proofreader's word STET
Scratcher's target ITCH
Snakelike swimmers EELS
So far ASYET
Spaceshot agcy. NASA
Spill the beans TELL
Sports stadiums ARENAS
Stare at OGLE
Statuesque TALL
Tee preceder ESS
Top of an ocean wave CREST
Totaled RANTO
Touches with a baseball TAGS
Try out TEST
Tulsa's loc. OKLA
Very conservatively CLOSETOONESVEST
What % means: Abbr. PCT
Window ledge SILL
Yale or Harvard: Abbr. UNIV